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Pierre = Real Deal?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; If (God forbid) we were forced to turn to Pierre Thomas for some serious playing time, how do you guys think he would respond? I know we haven't seen that much of him but some people are already saying that ...

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The Real Deal
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Pierre = Real Deal?

If (God forbid) we were forced to turn to Pierre Thomas for some serious playing time, how do you guys think he would respond? I know we haven't seen that much of him but some people are already saying that he is the real deal. From what I've seen of him I know of two things can not be disputed, the guys has a ton of heart and he runs like he stole something. Thoughts?
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Re: Pierre = Real Deal?

"God forbid"?? I think you can EXPECT to see more PT especially as Deuce heals.
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Re: Pierre = Real Deal?

I don't think we will be disappointed by Pierre. I think in Pierre you have a good combination of both Duece's hardnose running and Bush's speed and elusiveness.
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Re: Pierre = Real Deal?

I agree that Pierre can be a legitimate running back. When Deuce went down last season, Pierre should have been the one to replace him. I tink the Chicago game at the end of the season proved that, when he rushed for 105 and caught for 121. Now I know that a player cannot be judged on one game, but thats better yardage bumbers than I ever remember Reggie or Stecker putting up. If a guy can produce like that why was he not given more of a chance earlier in the season. I feel like he can run for power, where Reggie cannot. I am not knocking Reggie I just think that he is a RB that needs to be used in the right situations. He needs a power compliment like he had at USC with Lendale White. I'm not completely sold on Pierre but I have liked what I've seen so far. I say give him a shot. I feel like he could end up being like Priest Holmes, an undrafted small running back, who is quick enough to dominate.
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Re: Pierre = Real Deal?

He's the real deal. You don't cut a 4th round pick to make room - unless they can play. I have complete confidence in him.
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Re: Pierre = Real Deal?

I would really like to see what PT could do in a full season of work(All 16 games) I think the kid would put up some great numbers. He is a playmaker.
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Re: Pierre = Real Deal?

I think he is the real deal, I think whether Deuce is back or not, PT will get more playing time than in 07, much more actually!
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Re: Pierre = Real Deal?

Originally Posted by thesaintsfan View Post
If (God forbid) we were forced to turn to Pierre Thomas for some serious playing time, how do you guys think he would respond?
The same way he has always responded, by making yardage.

I think Pierre has what it takes to be a consistent Pro running back. He has the body, the strength, the skill, and the will.

I'm not saying he will be a 1500yd back, but I am saying he is a 1000yd back. 1000yd backs are pretty rare in Saints history, so we need to hold on to him!
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Re: Pierre = Real Deal?

Can Thomas hold up to NFL weekly pounding?
We all know that Stecker is not the answer. The real question is what happens if Brees goes down. If Brunell come in, we will have to rely more on running to control the game. If that's the case, who do you rather turn to? I really think the Saints are so luck that Brees has held up. So the real question is what happens if we get injuries to important people on offense?

Let's say for a minute that Brees is out.
Brunell is in. Duece doesn't return to form. If Thomas can't hold up, do any of you really want Stecker to be the man? We may be 6-4 when this all happens. This is why Payton should select offense with our first pick and take Mendenhall. Personally, I think Duece's days are over and he should retire.

If Duece retires on April 15th, it changes our draft stagety. Then our most important need is to replace him.

Question: How may games do you want to lose waiting for Duece to return to form? My answer is NONE. That's why you need to get some STRONG INSURANCE/REPLACEMENT!!!

What ever the pick, the man in my avatar will draft Duece's replacement early in the draft.

Hiel Hitler!!

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Re: Pierre = Real Deal?

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