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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Whodat, I should have known you\'d be the guy rushing to Vick\'s defense. Bottom line is EVERYone knew Vick was gonna get hurt if he continued to try and play a college game in the NFL (compensating for his lack ...

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Whodat, I should have known you\'d be the guy rushing to Vick\'s defense. Bottom line is EVERYone knew Vick was gonna get hurt if he continued to try and play a college game in the NFL (compensating for his lack of an understanding of an NFL passing game), and Whodat, you must be the ONLY person on the planet that thought otherwise. The proof was carted off the field last night. It wasn\'t a matter of \"if\" it would happen, it was a simple matter of when.
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the differance between your list of RB\'s and vick is THEY ARE RB\'S!!!!!!!!!!!!

they know how to run the ball (ie not in one hand dangling aorund like vick), they know how to avoid and/or take hits (i\'ve never seen vick slide), they rely on their experience to know their limits, they are running plays designed for the run (ie THEY HAVE BLOCKERS)

those guys are running backs because of their talent at the position not their size, no one said vick didn\'t have the physical attributes to run, he doesn\'t have the experience to run that much, physical gifts are great but if you don\'t have some knowledge to go with it.......


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I for one am never happy to see any player injured. And as far as Vick is concerned, I was looking forward to the challenge of the Saints trying to stop him.

Given his injury, the Saints may still have that opportunity. So before some of us get too giddy about this situation, consider:

- Vick has a broken Fibula. Prognosis is that he will be out 6-8 weeks.
- Given this is only week 2 of pre-season, that would mean best case scenario Vick is back on Sept. 28; worst case, Oct. 12.
- Even if we allow nine weeks (much worse scenario), guess who his first game will be against ---- Yes, our beloved Saints on Oct. 19.
- If we face him on Oct. 19, he may be somewhat rusty. However, there is a good likelihood that he will be back to full speed when we play Atlanta the 2nd time on Nov. 16.

So unless Vick\'s injury turns out to be much worse than 1st reported, the Saints will still have to face him twice.

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As a Saints fan, I worry about injuries to the Saints, not the Falcons. I\'m not happy that Vick is hurt, but i\'m not sad either. I am happy that Vicks injury is not career threatening and next year he should be back to running the ball as good as usual. But this year he will not be the same Mike Vick. His running ability will not be the same. So however you feel about the injury to Vick, this is good for the Saints. Period.

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No matter when he comes back he won\'t be the same for a while. Mentally he\'ll be protecting his leg even if it is subconsiously. He will be told and coached to avoid the unnecessary risk of running out of the pocket which is his biggest asset. As far as the assumption of adding 10lbs. to him and he\'s a running back is complete bs! When you train to be a running back you have a certain form and it becomes part of you to reach this level of play. When you\'re a QB you run unprotected in a slanting style to gain a few extra yards or to avoid a sack. Two VERY different styles with two VERY different results. But beware, we always seem to struggle with back-up quarterbacks!
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I hope Vick will be back for the Saints game. I want the Saints to kill Vick, not some second string guy.

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Here is another angle to the Vick injury , surprisingly not mentioned here yet .

In watching game after game one thing was becoming totally clear , the N.F.L. had made Vick some premadonna poster child for future football stars . The referees had begun calling games with a favoritism towards Vick . Without Vick putting on his little shows of cutback running , games will be called more evenly now when playing the Falcons .
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Almost all of your Pro Bowl caliber runningbacks are in that list and you\'ll see there really isn\'t a guy much more than 5-7 pound heavier than Vick. If these guys can carry the ball 30 times a game, why can\'t Vick? It was a freak accident. He got hurt just the same as Priest Holmes got hurt... and Holmes got hurt much worse and is only 5-9 213. Where were you guys last year when he got hurt? Why didn\'t I hear then that Priest just couldn\'t expect to run like that and not get hurt?
Dude, are you on crack? Are you comparing Vick to other NFL running backs? Big difference....name me some RB\'s that can THROW the ball?

That is why Vick needs to stay in the pocket and stop running all around the field like a jackass.
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Glorifying his misfortune is bad Karma.

But considering how Vick led Falcons own the Saints I understand the frustration. As a Buc fan I actually rather he be in there when we play him, the Bucs D is in his head and he can\'t do squat. Doug Johnson probably has a better chance.

I just broke my Fibula 2 months ago. It\'s no biggie. Small non-weight bearing bone in lowewr leg. Heals up quick. The Bucs O-lineman Kerry Jenkins played with a fractured fibula. Vick will be back in time to play both games against your Saints so I wouldn\'t get too excited.

\"I don\'t think he has many tools on offense that he actually likes,\" says Randy Mueller, former Saints GM. Wait until he gets his own players. Watch out.\"
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So Vick is a QB and therefore doesn\'t know how to run huh? Name me a QB in recent history that ran for more yards in a season then Vick did last year.

I seem to remember everyone saying the SAME thing about Cunningham when he was an Eagle. People said Barry Sanders would get killed. \"You can\'t be that little and make those kinds of moves....\"

What you guys don\'t understand is that when Vick leaves the pocket he\'s usually facing players in the secondary - guys his size - or linebackers. I just don\'t understand it. We know Vick can run. Are you telling me if they changed him to runningback and let him carry the ball up the middle or off tackle 30 times he\'d be OK b/c then he\'d be a runningback? Or are you going to say that he \"doesn\'t know how to run like a runningback\"???

Bottom line - it\'s harder to be a QB than a runningback. Vick can run like a runningback but a runningback can\'t throw like he can. Sure I knew he\'d get hurt sooner or later, but that doesn\'t mean that he\'s going to stop running or that he should. Deuce got hurt, should he stop? What about Holmes? Edgerrin? Name a big time player who touches the ball 30 times a game who hasn\'t been hurt in his career.

Peyton Manning broke his jaw standing in the pocket - should he start running? B/c standing back there he\'s nothing but a target, right? Every quarterback is a target. Vick will end up just like Elway, or Young - one of the best scrambling quarterback\'s in history. That\'s his type of play and he won\'t and shouldn\'t stop doing that.

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