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Lawyer Milloy Released!!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Sure there is Saintfan - and go back and read every Brooks post between you and I. I ALWAYS stated that the defense was the LARGEST problem with the team. If you remember, I always said that just because one ...

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Lawyer Milloy Released!!

Sure there is Saintfan - and go back and read every Brooks post between you and I. I ALWAYS stated that the defense was the LARGEST problem with the team. If you remember, I always said that just because one problem exists doesn\'t mean that another does not. NEVER did I say Brooks was THE problem with the team. I did say his play was A problem at the end of the year, and I did criticize the coaches for not playing Delhomme - you\'re damn right.

That being said, you\'re right. I have been very negative of late. So I\'ll say this: the Deuce move was brilliant - one I openly criticized and was definitely wrong about. I will say part of my concern was his ability to shoulder the burden for a whole season without injury and the lack of backups at that position, which turns out to be a problem even today... however... the man is a stud. A true star in the making. Donte is also the real deal, if he can just stay healthy. I\'m a little worried about that, but if he can, look out. I also think Conwell will make a big difference this season. I praised that move when they made it and still do (you weren\'t around Saintfan).

On defense I think the T Jones move was the right thing to do. I\'m not sure he\'ll pan out, but it was right. I like Grant and love Howard. Those two guys can be Pro Bowlers if they ever get help from the DTs or blitzing LBs. Derrick Rodgers was a really nice pickup also. He may be the best of the offseason.

Listen man, as I\'ve said MANY times before, I hope I am wrong. I hope the Saints are awesome. I hope they win it all and prove me flat wrong. I really do. I used to work in the markets and now I work in homeland security. Try dealing with what I deal with all day long and see how positive you are.

In my current line of work, if you ignore warning signs you\'re asking for a HUGE problem. Well, all of you guys see analysts saying they COULD be good and assume they\'re right. I hear a lot of people outside of the Gulf South saying 8-8. I hope that the hometown boys are right, but I prepare for the worst. You\'re right, that is how I live my life. And while I\'m sure you think I\'m a miserable terrible person - I\'m a generally happy go lucky kind of guy. Know why? B/c I always expect the worst, and rarely get it, and that ensures that I continue to be pleasantly surprised rather than slowly go insane.

I don\'t know what your story is Saintfan, but I don\'t come after you. Ever since the Brooks debate all you do is come after me. What\'s that about? You\'re an eternal optimist... good for you. Congrats. Remind me how that makes you more knowledgeable, more correct, or even a better person than me?

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Lawyer Milloy Released!!

BlackandBlue - you\'re not wrong yet. Just because they\'ve phoned his agent doesn\'t mean they\'ve made a serious effort to sign him.
The Saints have found some very good players who got no attention from other teams. Sometimes it looks like that has gone to their heads. \"Sign a pro bowler - no, everyone can do that. We\'ll rather sign another diamond in the rough for a few hundred thousand dollars less.\" This may work in one case and it may backfire in 3 others.
However, it\'s never good to think of yourself as superior to all others. There are 31 other teams with front office personal that knows a lot about football. They are all scouting and evaluating talent. That\'s why I think they won\'t try to sign Malloy (at least not offer him the kind of money he expects and will get somewhere else).

By the way: Players signing for a division rival to \"get back\" at their old team - I think that\'s overrated. It\'s about money and maybe about playing for a contender. It\'s hard to believe there\'s bad blood between for example Malloy and the Patriots. After all, they made him a very rich man. It may be fun to get to play your old team again, but I doubt a lot of players would give up a few hundred thousand dollars for that opportunity.

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Lawyer Milloy Released!!

No one wants to be like the Skins, but we do have one thing in common defensively: we have no continuity from year to year. Either we lose the coordinator (ie, Zook) or we rebuild over half the starting pieces. Everyone talks about \"time to gel\". Well at this rate we\'ll never get it. Would we have been better off this season to re-field the exact same defense as last after a full season together and hope the chemistry is worth the difference in speed and talent?

While I like alot of our individual signings and wouldn\'t want to be like the Skins and just open the \"unbalanced cheque book\" as saints fan put it, we don\'t have a history of even getting \"difference makers\" to this franchise. As good of pick-ups as Ernie Conwell and Tebucky Jones are, they are good players that can be great in the right scheme or talent surroundings. They are not great players that can be great anytime anywhere. Name the last player we picked up that was already a great player with another team? It\'s time the Saints get a player that makes others around him better, and maybe Milloy is not that guy, but it would be a boost for the team and the fans because that \"huge signing\" gives alot of hope.
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Lawyer Milloy Released!!

I went on Buffalo Bills forums,and the fans over there are chompin at the bit for Milloy.I read the reports that were on BillsReport.com.The Bills fans were even saying that isn\'t the most credible sight.It seems that the reality is that there are four teams who are in the running.Those teams are Buffalo,New Orleans,San Diego,and Detroit.Buffalo is leading the pack with New Orleans running a close second.It\'s anybody\'s guess how this will pan out.Some of the Buffalo fans already have him signed,suited up and playing in the season opener,and helping them win the superbowl.I hope we make a good hardfought effort to sign him,and don\'t let him just slip away.

See yall at the dome on sunday !
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Lawyer Milloy Released!!

i don\'t wanna jump in this discussion but i do want to say, i believe, and we will see, that the offense of the saints is the best we\'ve ever had.........we are a little thin at certain spots, but all and all, i believe, we will light it up as in the past few yrs with a little to boot. defense, no.......but, who knows........we\'re not done shopping yet and the first game has yet to be played...... smitty
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Lawyer Milloy Released!!

Gator\'s still alive?
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