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WhoDat 09-07-2003 06:38 PM

I\'ll tell you what - I have been worried about the possibility of the offense not being what it was last year and it looks like that may come true. Being good on either side of the ball requires more than playmakers, it requires good play calling. I like McCarthy a lot, but what the F?

That was predictable, fairly conservative, and if he keeps calling those routes with a QB that can\'t unload the ball quickly then we\'ll have exactly ZERO receivers in the Pro Bowl b/c none of them will survive the season.

Did it looks like Brooks has a hard time going through the progressions to you? Plays that were called for Horn or Stallworth were obvious - Brooks stared at them from the snap.

The D allowed 150 yards rushing... weren\'t the coaches talking about us being good against the run? Our corners are flat bad and Bellamy needs a tackling 101 class... AGAIN.

Finally, our special teams look really bad. What with Michael Lewis calling for a fair catch on Seattle\'s 40 with 10 yards of green but fielding kicks inside the 10? Isn\'t that a major no-no. O, and one other thing - that man should not be on the field on offense. He fumbled on the end around and although the pass was poor he should have caught that one down around the ten. Man he looked spastic on that.

Two pieces of good news - Deuce certainly didn\'t let down. He is the best player on this team BY FAR. Secondly, we FINALLY have a good TE. Conwell is legit.

Other than that, it looks bleak. With Houston beating Miami in Miami, that\'s not such a gimme game now either. I know it\'s still early, but it looks to me that Haslett is in trouble.

JudeThaddeus 09-07-2003 06:40 PM


BlackandBlue 09-07-2003 06:44 PM


Two pieces of good news - Deuce certainly didn\'t let down. He is the best player on this team BY FAR. Secondly, we FINALLY have a good TE. Conwell is legit.
You beat me to the punch, ahole :P . Poor Deuce....


Did it looks like Brooks has a hard time going through the progressions to you?
Reminiscent of last year. Was hoping we were beyond that, but we aren\'t. Eli is looking good, at this rate, our pick in next year\'s draft will be high enough to take him.

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daviddrake2 09-07-2003 06:53 PM

I have to agree with almost every point made so far on this thread. I do, however, think that Horn had an OK showing only because he was\'nt given the chance to do more. Duece ran well and held up the team much of the way, despite being given next to no blocking support. Brooks looked miserable, scrambling (if you can call it that) for losses, taking dives and running away from the play whenever possible. And where the f@(k was the offensive line throught the whole game? As bad as Brooks gets the jitters, the total lack of blocking out the pass rush just dooed him to a piis poor day from the start.

Something has got to give. I can\'t wait to see what excuses Haz comes up wit this week to explain why things did\'nt go the SAINTS way. That should be good for a few laughs.

If he says its nopt the players\' fault, then it damn sure is the coaches. Somebody needs to stand up and take the rap for stinking up the whole city of Seattle. Hell, it was so bad we could even smell it in Houston.

David in Houston

WhoDat 09-07-2003 06:54 PM

Tru dat!

BlackandBlue 09-07-2003 07:04 PM

Our recievers looked like ****, overall. Brooks would have had a decent day, had they caught the ball when it hit them in the freakin numbers. I stopped counting in the 2nd quarter how many easy catches were dropped.

EDIT: Trufant looked good <cough cough>. Sullivan was...there...

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WhoDat 09-07-2003 07:10 PM

Again, Tru Dat. Still, I don\'t like seeing our receivers going across the middle 5 yards down the field. Pathon, Stallworth, Horn... they don\'t need to be getting hit like they were. Yes, they dropped passes, but you would too after you got popped like they did. It was open season. I don\'t know if the play calls were bad or if Brooks was laying them up into coverage or both, but they\'ll get destroyed if things stay the same.

roughneck 09-07-2003 07:21 PM

If ANYONE thinks Brooks was hitting the recievers in the numbers they weren\'t watching the same game that I was. He threw behind on almost every play! When the announcers were kissing Trufant\'s a## on the play with Donte\' what I saw was Donte\' breaking up a sure interception thrown BEHIND him again. Brooks takes too long to make reads and then throws 1000 mph (on every pass. no touch on the ball) to the receiver with the most DBs around him (inaccurately). Did you happen to see the sideline shot of Haz \"counseling\" a despondent Joe Horn? I don\'t blame Joe. He HAD to be open alot today because as Brooks locked in on Donte\' ALL DAY LONG the \'Hawks read that and were all over him. He takes too long to get rid of the ball with that big windup of his (remember Randall Cunningham?) and the reciever gets creamed because they are too far into the route and can\'t react, much less make any yards after the catch. VERY poor performance by Brooks, the O-line and especially McCarthy.

I have liked Brooks in the past and have given him the benefit of the doubt but for an opening day performance like this, I just don\'t believe he is the answer.

Bottom line is that he is the most important player on the offense and he looked lost today.

DAMN IT!!!!!!!!

BigBull45 09-07-2003 07:45 PM

My dad always said \"son make a decision and stick with it.\"I believe AB has a serious problem deciding what he wants to do with the football half the time.First he wants to throw, then he decides to run,then in the middle of the run he decides to pass again.Befor he can get the ball out of his hand he decides to pull it down again,thus fumbling the ball.AB and Fontenot have a break down in communication,and the ball gets launched to Brooks\'s knees.He also forced many balls into two and three DB coverage too.The truth is he is no good under pressure.

roughneck 09-07-2003 08:07 PM

AMEN Big Bully Boy.

As for the Brooks Fontenot play, I have to give Jerry the benefit of the doubt on that one. He has performed at too high a level (at a VERY difficult job) for too long.

Oh, I forgot,

DAMN IT!!!!!!!!

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