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Trade Brooks? For who?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Just for kicks, and to see how everyone really feels about Brooks. How many QB's would you trade straight up right now for AB? Taking into consideration long term and short term, here's my list. McNabb Manning Mike Vick David ...

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Trade Brooks? For who?

Just for kicks, and to see how everyone really feels about Brooks.
How many QB's would you trade straight up right now for AB?
Taking into consideration long term and short term, here's my list.

Mike Vick
David Carr
Joey Harrington

I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have.
Five QB's!!! From a guy that some have labeled a Brooks Basher.
There are some I'd like for just one season (Favre, Brunnel, Gannon, McNair), and some that come close (Culpepper, Hasselback).
But only five that I'd trade head up, right now.
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Trade Brooks? For who?

1.) McNabb

2.) Vick

3.) Manning

Carr and Harrington I wouldn\'t trade staight up just yet.

Farve and Gannon are too old. They would be good for a couple more years though. Samething with Brunell.

Culpepper maybe.

Besides that I wouldn\'t trade Brooks for anyone in the league.

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Trade Brooks? For who?

manning or mcnabb

and that\'s it, i\'m not even sold on vick yet, i know whodat probaly thinks vick is the 2nd coming of christ or some crap, but vick\'s numbers weren\'t all that impressive last year, he takes too many chances with his life
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Trade Brooks? For who?

kilmer is rumored to be coming out of retirement......i\'ll go with billy............smitty
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Trade Brooks? For who?

Kilmer in New Orleans again ???

Has he lost weight ???
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Trade Brooks? For who?

I\'ll trade him for Jeff Garcia and a snickers bar
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Trade Brooks? For who?

I\'ll even tell you why I\'d trade for some of these guys too.

McNabb--Athleticism, Intelligence, Leadership
Carr--Intelligence, Accuracy
Pennington--Leadership, Intelligence, Accuracy
Brunell--Short term solution to train a replacement
McNair--Athleticism, Intelligence, Leadership, Determination
Harrington--Intelligence, Accuracy
Leftwich--Intelligence, Accuracy, Leadership, Determination (yeah it\'s early, but in 10 years, we\'re all going to be wishing we could trade for him)(also notice I\'m not including Palmer or Boller on this list)
Bledsoe--Intelligence, Leadership
Collins--Leadership, Intelligence (say what you want, the guy throws for about 4,000 yards a year and almost never hurts the Giants ((and yes I remember how horrible he was in New Orleans))

Guys that are really too old to seriously consider -- Trent Green, Favre, Gannon, Maddox

Guys that I want to know more about before I commit -- Ramsey, Bulger, Romo, Holcomb

But then, I\'ve never claimed to be a Brooks fan. All of these guys exhibit the ability to lead people by setting the tone, many of them exhibit a great deal of intelligence in outthinking the defence, none of them seem lackadasical about losing. I like guys with a lot of drive, competitive fire. Brooks always seems like, \"Oh well, there\'s always next week.\"

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Trade Brooks? For who?

Heck man, just give me a backup QB and a young stub MLB and I\'ll be very happy. Brooks for \"yourlacker\"?
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Trade Brooks? For who?

ahhhhhhhhh, no,,,,,,,he\'s put on a few pounds......but, all muscle.........
let\'s talk good old days......
kilmer was absolutely without a doubt the best dead duck ball thrower i have ever seen.
i remember reading an article where the saints were losing to whoever, and billy sat in the middle of the huddle, looked up at everyone, and busted out laughing causing the whole team to bust out laughing.............
i guess he was thinking, (what the hell am i doing here?) and it was funny.......
anyway, picture the team in that huddle with half of em hung over from the night before
looking up at the clock to see how much time was left so they could go out and party again when the game was over.....this was, and in a way is still traditional n.o. football..
now, if a smile is contagious, and brooks could cause a chain reaction with his smile, i\'d be all for the smiling..............hell, it may be what we are missing.........
if you really look deep into brooks and compare him with vick, i do not find that much difference......both have natural talents they were born with, the kinda empty lot get a team together player that could do it all, but they still have to prove that day in, day out in the nfl............here is where they have to have the brains to read defenses and go to the elite level. if you saw farve\'s interview with marino on inside the nfl where he talked about instead of going down the line to read the checkoffs, 1,2,3,4, he\'d look at 1 and then would jump to 4. when he came to the sideline and the coached asked him why he did that, he said, i don\'t know coach......while he got away with it, he was admitting it was very hard to read defenses.......marino agreed and farve told him that he, (marino) was the best he ever saw at doing this.....hell of a compliment...........
i believe brooks is smart and can read the defenses but for some reason he plays hot and cold.......... proof of this is the wins over quality teams, especially defense quality teams such as tampa bay......there is no doubt in my mind that brooks can take us to the next level if he steps up..........but he needs to step up and remain there.....only at this level will the doubt be removed.....until then, it remains......smitty
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Trade Brooks? For who?

I think your purpose here was to show something else Tweeky, but I\'ll jump in for sh!ts and giggles. I am considering potential, current play/talent, system, money, age, and intangibles in this.

Trade Right Now

Better Right Now, but wouldn\'t trade for
Collins (b/c he\'s in the RIGHT SYSTEM!!!)

Would Let Compete For a Starting Spot
and yes, Delhomme
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