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Looking for your perspectives guys

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Looking at the Pro-bowl, and the fact that PM had a serious face at almost all times, and we seemed to be enjoying ourselves- is this a bad sign. Are we not taking this as serious? Is he looking at ...

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Looking for your perspectives guys

Looking at the Pro-bowl, and the fact that PM had a serious face at almost all times, and we seemed to be enjoying ourselves- is this a bad sign. Are we not taking this as serious? Is he looking at this as completely business? Is this a good sign, and does it show we are loose and enjoying ourselves? Any opinions or does it really not matter?
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Re: Looking for your perspectives guys

I think Manning is all bizness..he wants this real bad so he can be in the Brady.Montana..Aikman..class..and winning the superbowl does that...I think Drew wants it just as bad..it being his first and how much it means to the fans..
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Re: Looking for your perspectives guys

It's all fun and games until after Media Day on Tuesday. From that point on, game face only. If you start to see too many guys giddy and distracted, then its a problem. But you can't really read anything into the Sunday before. There's also the potential of getting too tight, wanting it too much. The moment it becomes a grim march, that's also when one can lose it.
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Re: Looking for your perspectives guys

I don't know, honestly. On a different note, though...considering how much advertising Peyton is involved in...I wonder if he ever considered having one of the major companies use his forehead for advertising space as he's giving one of those interviews?

j/k...you all know I'm a Manning lover...so...
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Re: Looking for your perspectives guys

Funny, I commented on how serious Drew looked compared to Manning during that interview. I think they are both serious about their jobs. Period.
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Re: Looking for your perspectives guys

I think they both look very serious and all bizness DREW DAT !!!
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Re: Looking for your perspectives guys

I was a little aggravated at the people who are supposed to be prepping our players, though. Did any else notice that when our players were introduced, it seemed like they weren't sure when they were supposed to walk out, and they looked a little awkward? Then they just walked through the line of people out on the field, and didn't shake hands or anything. Next comes Manning and his guys, and they all seemed prepared. It just seemed like to me that our guys should have been prepped better. JMO!
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Re: Looking for your perspectives guys

Joe Montana, was in my opinion, the greatest QB to ever play the game. Him being a Niner, and me being a Saint that's alot to say for me, but he was. The one thing that I always noticed about him, no matter what the situation, he kept his cool, and still had a look of focus at the same time. He had no fear, of any other QB, or any other team, and always looked loose, even in his first superbowl!

I have to say this, and I am not saying it just because he's a Saint. I see alot of the same traits in Brees, that I saw in Montana. Calm, cool, collected, and confident. Four C's. I have no worries, when I know Brees has the ball, because no matter the score, I know we are always still in the game.

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Re: Looking for your perspectives guys

There was just tooooo much yicketty-yack for me...too much pre-game hype to nowhere....14 players not playing...no REAL hitting...it was kind of a downer for me. Player demeanor is not something that can be fit neatly into a box. Different players will prep and stay loose diffferent ways. Some in solitude with the headphones on and others real boisterous and "in yo face". Both Manning and Brees are leaders with good work ethics, and will be about the business of getting themselves and as many as will follow, ready for the game on Sunday. Wading through all of the muck and remembering how to play footbal may be a challenge for some. Can anyone help me get the SB rescheduled to tomorrow? so that we can just get it on?

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Re: Looking for your perspectives guys

All I can say is pants on the ground. None of that other stuff matters much at the end of the day when they tally the score.

The Dolts ain't ready for this much mojo. Seriously.

This game will be like the Patriots game. You heard it here.

Saints stack up realllllly well against AFC teams.

Who Dat gonna have their pants on the ground?
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