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New Stadium?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; If that's what it takes to keep 'em in 15 years, but damnit I don't want a new Stadium. Me likie da DOME...

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Re: New Stadium?

If that's what it takes to keep 'em in 15 years, but damnit I don't want a new Stadium. Me likie da DOME
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Re: New Stadium?

2025 the Dome will be 50 years old. The Astrodome has come and gone. The Pontiac dome is history. The H.H. Humphrey dome in Minneapolis from around 80 or 81. These all came into existence withing the same 10- or 12 year span. The Dome is already the oldest of the domed stadiums in the NFL. If we're still playing there in 2025, expect at least one more round of upgrades, probably 2 if we stay there beyond the current lease.
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Re: New Stadium?

The dome will remain way past 2025.
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Re: New Stadium?

We will prob just up grade what we have. I love the Dome. Its our staple.
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Re: New Stadium?

Yeah, I like the dome too. But I think the question is, do the owners like it? Benson will be gone soon, and then his daughter will be running the show. I understand they can't go anywhere until 2025, just a question.
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Re: New Stadium?

Believe me when i say this guys, Benson will bring it up at full force way before the 2025 date.
They can upgrade and renovate the Superdome all they want, it's still wont be up to standards in a few years, new skin, windows and paint does not bring anything into a new decade, the building will simply cease to amaze and not be impressive after all of the other cities are done out doing each other, Atlanta is even fixing to get into serious talks about a New Stadium and the Georgia Dome is only 17 years old.

I agree the Superdome should remain, but to serve other purposes other than holding a professional football team before that time.
The Supersome looks incredible outside, but when you get in, it's looks horrible, lots of long grey cement walls, and stale halls, it's definitely a staple of Louisiana's great industrial age..
We are now in the Modern age and if we don't keep up we will miss out and probably have some of those ol'e fashion moving debates, but it wont be with Tom Benson, it'll be with his grand daughter that is FAR more smarter than her paw paw, and could probably have things done a lot more efficently and smoothly, thats one chick you don't want to piss off..

Oh yes we will have those talks around 2015..
Don't buy into the contractual obligation, it's only if they are profiting, all she has to do is manipulate a few numbers and whine to the state about it and how this and that stadium is profiting with various dollar figures, and run the show, she's a Business Degree Major she'll figure it out whenever she's ready to lay down the law when she takes complete control.
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Re: New Stadium?

I thought I heard 3,000 seats, along with still more renovations were scheduled.
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Re: New Stadium?

Superdome actually kind of sucks, but it's home. My take is the Saints should be playing outdoors. Let the heat and humidity create a true home field advantage.
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Re: New Stadium?

I haven't been to the dome yet.
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Re: New Stadium?

Originally Posted by MatthewT View Post
Superdome actually kind of sucks, but it's home. My take is the Saints should be playing outdoors. Let the heat and humidity create a true home field advantage.
No way. The Dome rules and I wouldn't make many games with an outdoor 100 degree stadium. C'mon man!

Besides, the Dome is mucho louder than any outdoor stadium in the world. Thus home field advantage.
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