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FO Blew a Great Opportunity. (My Opinion Only)

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Re: FO Blew a Great Opportunity. (My Opinion Only)

edited- gonna move this to thread it belongs in...

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Re: FO Blew a Great Opportunity. (My Opinion Only)

Originally Posted by 21Hilliard View Post
I agree. Look at the division - ATL, CAR and TPA (to a lesser extent), and all have running backs who pretty much shredded us on the ground last season.

This year, we also play late-season away games in cold weather -- Cincinnati and Baltimore in December. Cinci won the AFC north last year. How? By playing old school Chuck Knox Steeler football -- RUNNING the ball. I Don't follow Balt much, but I remember seeing some of a playoff game, they had a horse in the backfield.

That's 8 games - half the season right there - against strong running teams.

SF drafted to improve their O line, and until they sort out a quarterback, all they HAVE is a running game, and still ended up 8-8.

Vikings had us figured out in the Championship game and are going to stuff the ball down our throats, as long as they can keep from fumbling it away.

Dallas has two backs that can run the ball too, Barber and the other guy.

I can swallow my tounge and see the point in drafting Robinson, but not Brown and Graham (not in the 2nd & 3rd rounds anyway). There are GAPING holes in the Defensive line (pun intended) that need to be addressed first, before we go picking up project players.

But that's just my $0.02.

True, our division opponents got a lot of yards on the ground against us.

And lost 4 out of 6 games anyway. One of the wins we just kind of took the 2nd half off, and the other we didn't play our starters at all. Then we won the Super Bowl.

Oh noes! How will we ever win with our division teams running at us? For the answer to this question, go back and watch last year's games.

Also, is it written in stone that there is no way our run defense can improve outside of the first 3 rounds of the draft? Is that it? No players we can trade for, no gems our great personnel department can get from late rounds or undrafted FAs? No, it's okay, I'm just scaring you. We can indeed improve the run defense without using a high draft pick for it. So, there are still options.

So... We have upgraded at offensive line, and upgraded the secondary, and can still upgrade the run D, all on a team that just won the Super Bowl with the aforementioned run vulnerabilities. This is not "The Sky is falling" time yet. Really. It's not. No "oh noes".

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Re: FO Blew a Great Opportunity. (My Opinion Only)

I remember sitting here on B&G in 2003 draft day live chatting,the draft we took Stinchcomb and saying all of these same things. We were all cursing and calling him names. It very rarely seems we pick who we think would fill our needs. It is frustrating but I feel there are behind the scenes moves happening. I have no real qualms with Robinson, although he wouldn't have been my choice. I do not think you can really go wrong with a good OL, even if it is a year down the road. And Graham seems to be a hell of an athlete, but certainly a project player.
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Re: FO Blew a Great Opportunity. (My Opinion Only)

All three of these picks have future written all over them. The first pick was pretty easy. We all seen how bad it got when the secondary got banged up and had to miss time. This was a needed pick, and no telling if Sharper comes back or not. I was a bit puzzled by the second round pick, until I realized by next year at this time there could be a major need at LT position. The third was pretty easy, Shockey had a hard time staying on the field, and could possibly be at the end of his career. Getting a talented prospect on board and giving him a year or two of breaking in is not a bad idea at the TE position.

I do get the Saints really need to get better at LB and DT, but there is no way the team can fill every hole at once. I am pretty sure they will be able to find another DT and LB to compliment either through the draft today, or via trade/free agent pickup.
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Re: FO Blew a Great Opportunity. (My Opinion Only)

I can argue the upside and future abilities of Brown and Graham. But, to ignore the gaping holes that exist now at LB and DT on the 25th ranked defense in the NFL for what essentially is a 5th string OT and a 3rd sting TE on the best offense in the NFL doesn't make sense.
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Re: FO Blew a Great Opportunity. (My Opinion Only)

Don't forget that Patrick Robinson was GDub's pick. We're still expecting to resign Sharper so that beefs up the secondary. I was listening to one theory that teams are passing more so if you can shut down the pass and have a great offense (like our's) you can outscore anyone. While this is not a new theory it seems to be a very logical explanation for the 2 offensive picks so far. Graham is going to be a beast and Charlie Brown will back up Bushrod. I just think we need to trade Jamal for Haynesworth and get it over with.

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Re: FO Blew a Great Opportunity. (My Opinion Only)

I hit it on the Al Woods pick in round 4, but missed completely on the speedy OLB pick in this year's draft.

It seems like the Saints think pretty highly of the roster members they already have in house with Casillas, Dunbar and Arnoux along with the UDFA's they are bringing in next weekend.
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Re: FO Blew a Great Opportunity. (My Opinion Only)

Sir Saint looks pretty good as a tattoo, doesn't he CheramieIII?
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Re: FO Blew a Great Opportunity. (My Opinion Only)

did i hear that odalious thomas got cut?
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