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How do you feel about the "who dey's"

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I got up today to turn on espn. There was T.O. was on talking about his new team. I'm in the kitchen making breakfast, when i hear the quote "WHO DEY NATION". Now I'm PISSED ! We have heard their ...

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How do you feel about the "who dey's"

I got up today to turn on espn. There was T.O. was on talking about his new team. I'm in the kitchen making breakfast, when i hear the quote "WHO DEY NATION".
Now I'm PISSED ! We have heard their who dey chat for a few years now. Always thinking they can't come up with something on their own? REALLY??
WTF ! Does this piss anybody else off, or is it just me. I'm going to pull for anybody else who plays against these jack ass now. Just cause they want to be called the " WHO DAY NATION". F-that! This will be from now till the day i die my new top three teams I HATE the most.
1. Dallas
2. Atlanta
Screw them all teams and FANS !
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4. Viqueens lol
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It's a copycat league. What can I say? Dey don't get Dat.
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Posers...That is all.
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The Bungholes blow...
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We ALL know who had it first.

Who Dey Nation? Are you ****ing kidding me? They are a bunch of copycat posers and "Who Dey Nation" will NEVER top the Who Dat.

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I kinda feel for the Bengals, cause outside the Ickey shuffle or whatever the hell that was when they lost to the whiners in the superbowl they pretty much suck like we did, only they still pretty much suck and we don't.

And I don't hate T.O. either, for the record. He's a funny guy, and he wants to win. He's a bit of a baby, but most WRs are, he's just a bit more public when he needs his diaper changed.

I'd be hacked on an altogether different plane of hack-ness if somebody like the Jets or the Bucs or some stupid team like that started up with it, but the Bungles...nah, I don't hate 'em. Besides, I gotta pull for somebody in the AFC...

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Shouldn't they just be called... The Great Bungholio" (Are you threatening me? & Yes I know it was "Cornholio" not "Bungholio")
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i hear this every year...who dey doesnt even sound cool anyway. who dat is where its at...(unintentional rhyme)
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