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18 Game Season backed and virtually approved

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; ATLANTA -- NFL owners didn't vote to approve an 18-game regular season at Wednesday's Special League Meeting, opting instead to discuss options to propose to the NFL Players Association and business partners. The "enhanced" season was the key topic on ...

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Threaded by SmashMouth
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ATLANTA -- NFL owners didn't vote to approve an 18-game regular season at Wednesday's Special League Meeting, opting instead to discuss options to propose to the NFL Players Association and business partners.

The "enhanced" season was the key topic on the table and something to which NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the 32 team owners pledged "overwhelming support."

"From our standpoint, we think we've moved this concept along," Goodell said. "There's a tremendous amount of momentum for it."

Added New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft: "I really think that going to the 18-game season is critical to us getting a labor deal (with the NFLPA). There aren't a lot of ways in this economic environment that we can generate incremental revenues, and that's the best way. The other thing is, our fans have said loud and clear to have fewer preseason games. It's a win-win all around."

La Canfora: Offseason effects
The NFL could adopt an 18-game schedule as soon as 2012, and players might not start workouts until May instead of March to allow more recovery time, Jason La Canfora writes. More ...
Goodell said the owners are formulating a comprehensive proposal to present to the players' union, but the lack of progress in collective bargaining likely will preclude an 18-game regular season from taking place before 2012. The proposed augmented schedule would be part of a new CBA, currently being negotiated between the league and the union.

"We want to do this the right way and make it good for players, fans and the game in general," Goodell said about not using current rules to simply implement games, which owners could.

"I look at this as an opportunity to create an agreement that will be good for players, good for the league and take our league to the next level," Goodell added.

Goodell said there wasn't a timetable to make a proposal to the union, but he envisions something happening "rather quickly."

NFL Videos: 18-game season a reality?

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Blah! Maybe if they drop two preseaon games but I don't really see the need to extend the season without allowing for a larger roster. Guys are going to be injured like crazy.
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I am all for adding more games. Injuries... deal with them. You might as well shorten the season if you are worried about injuries. Increase roster size - go for it. More real football is better than fake football that doesn't count.

It is a win - win for everyone. More money, more salary in players pockets.
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So say they add two games. Who would teams play? Two more conference foes? Or two opposite conference foes?

Either way, I don't like it. Marino's single season passing record and some of the other records would be easily passed. Kind of lame.

And dangit, if they're gonna have an 18-game season, they have to, and I mean have to, get rid of the Pro Bowl. Just pick the teams and Sim it on Madden, show that on ESPN.
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Think it is a terrible idea
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Well lets see how the defense will hold up for every team at the of game number 18...they'll basically shortened the life span of the Defensive linemen in the NFL by about 20 to 25 percent.
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.i dont play so it doesnt bother me either way....Its two more meaningful games to watch...they are paid to play so play...injuries can happen week 1...so thats a weak excuse..its not going to make much of a difference as to who advances in the playoffs...just that we as fans get more of a good product.
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I think if we expand to 18, there should be a second bye week in the season as well. And this isn't the first time we've expanded, most recently '77-78 went from 14 to 16, and there's no telling how high OJ's numbers would have been in a 16-game season.
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Originally Posted by strato View Post
...its not going to make much of a difference as to who advances in the playoffs...
I disagree with you Strat. If we had to play two more regular season games last season, the whole outcome may have been different. We were beat up and trying to heal. The end of the season came just in time for us. Two more games could have meant two more losses. Plus with the Vikes losing their last game, we barely squeeked into home field advantage. Two more games could have meant a whole different season.
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Just means I get to watch two more Saints games. Two less preseason games.

2012 is the target.

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