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Frank Gore: "They're a good team but they couldn't handle us out there. They can't handle us."

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by rich006 There is no doubt the Niners owned the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, which I think is what he meant with that comment--he's saying they should have won, which is true. They ...

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Originally Posted by rich006 View Post
There is no doubt the Niners owned the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, which I think is what he meant with that comment--he's saying they should have won, which is true. They lost because they made too many mistakes. The Saints won because they made very few mistakes and took advantage of the mistakes the Niners made...and got a few breaks when they most needed them.

A win is a win, but you feel better about it when you see your team control the line of scrimmage. Not that I'm complaining, I just think Gore has a point.

I wanted to see Nicks and Evans take over in the second half like they did against Minnesota, but the 49ers didn't allow that to happen. They played well for the most part and should win a lot of games this year.
I endorse this post!
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I don't think it's necessarily that Gore is being a sore loser, but he is being quite a bit naive with these two comments:

"They can't handle us."


"They can't stand up with us."

After the first two possessions by the Niners, they were moving the ball at will against us. They buckled down on defense after the Saints first scoring drive, as well. Alex Smith began to look All-World, Gore was gashing the Saints up the middle and on the screen pass, and Patrick Willis and the rest of the defense held them in check for the most part. Gore was right in the first part of his comments.

The reason he is naive on the latter comments of these two tweets is because they lost. No matter what you do on the field to dominate the other team, none of it matters if you don't win the game. The Niners made huge mistakes when they got the ball deep in Saints' territory. Three turnovers within the 25-yard line is a sign of a team's immaturity. The Vikings found out about this the hard way in the NFC Championship last year, and last night was nearly a carbon copy of that game. The biggest mistake the Niners made, however, was giving Drew too much time on the clock with two timeouts. Another sign of a team with a lack of maturity. Say what you want about the Saints not being able to "handle" or "stand up" to your team, but they were the ones handing your team a loss and standing alone in the win column.
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he's saying they should have won, which is true.
Maybe you mean a team who controls both sides of the line of scrimmage should be able to win ballgames, but line of scrimmage is not the only factor in a football game.

49ers trailed late, came up with a score and 2 points to tie. The Saints response:
An offensive 1 minute drill that the 49ers could NOT stop. They had PERFECT coverage on Colston and could NOT stop us.

Saints win in regulation - End of story, ballgame.

Gore comes off as sour grapes. 49ers need to screen their players Tweets.
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He's right. It's easier to stand on two L's since they do look like legs.
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Originally Posted by Beastmode View Post
He's right. It's easier to stand on two L's since they do look like legs.
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If any of you have played the game, you know that Gore is trying to take something from the game since he didn't have a win to take with him. After all of his noble efforts, his battered and bruised body parts, the only thing he can sleep with and take comfort in is the fact that he ran his azz off...his line blocked their azz off. I'll let him have that, I'll take the win.
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We were outplayed for most of the game....unless you look at the takeaways. We were obviously better coached, that and the will to win the game made the difference. I actually respected the 49ers play Monday night. They played hard and should feel good about the positives. However, the better team won so just deal with it and move on.
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truthfully they did march on us at will. we came up with some pretty key turnovers to win the game
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From the way gore sounded on the video, I hope he's not doing the 49ers mission statement.
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Ok, he also said that they "gave the game away, the same way they did in Seattle." Are you kiddin me? Seattle kicked them in the face. So that statement alone, takes away all of his credibility with me. I don't care what happened during the game, there is a way to handle this question, and giving the other team credit for the win is the professional way to handle it. The way he did it is not. Sounds just like the Vikings did after the NFCCG. Anybody want to back the Vikings comments? I didn't think so. We won, shut up Gore, you midget.

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