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New dome surface

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Here is a description of the new dome surface they are installing now . This material is comparable to the astro play . “Install it yourself� AstroLawn® When it comes to installing your AstroLawn®, it is always best to utilize ...

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New dome surface

Here is a description of the new dome surface they are installing now . This material is comparable to the astro play .

“Install it yourself� AstroLawn®

When it comes to installing your AstroLawn®, it is always best to utilize a professional, an organization that specializes in applying synthetic turf that will satisfy your needs and supply the highest quality finished product. The installation information supplied below is for those individuals with construction experience who wish to undertake this kind of project on their own and has been supplied for reference only. No representations or warranties are made regarding the installation information nor are any results guaranteed by utilizing the installation information. This information is not intended to include all information that may be needed to install AstroLawn®.

When installing turf outdoors, the product should be placed over a stable surface such as asphalt or concrete or a stabilized base. A stone or dirt base may be used but it is imperative that the base be completely compacted before the turf is applied.

Diagram of Possible AstroLawn Layout.
Click Picture to Enlarge.

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Click Here to View the Manual Care and Maintenance Procedures Manual


Using a rope or garden hose as your proposed border, layout the area in which you want to install your lawn. Try several different locations at different times of day to be sure you chose the one that best suits your needs. Chose any design you like but remember the turf arrives rectangular in shape and in 15’ widths. This may also be the time to change the contour of your yard. Be sure to allow for drainage, runoff, wet or shady areas, etc… when laying out your yard.

Strip the sod. Remove all the vegetation, down to the bare earth. Rotting grass today may cause unwanted dips tomorrow. Sprinklers may be capped or removed at this time. You may want to add an optional soil sterilent at this point. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions closely with these potentially dangerous chemicals.

Compact the existing base with a hand roller or plate tamp. These tools may be rented by the day at any local rental shop and are usually inexpensive. Sometimes dampening very dry soil makes this process easier but be careful not to create a mud bath. Your goal is to make the base as hard as possible. You should compact the base at least twice.

If you live in an area that has very soft or clay-like soil you may consider installing a more stable base that will prevent unwanted undulations from arising later. Consult your local quarryman, landscaper or landscape architect for base materials indigenous to your area. Again, we recommend using an asphalt, concrete or base specialist for this portion

of the work whenever possible. Installing a stone base. Care should be taken to choose a material that is free of large stones and should be graded and compacted to as smooth a finish as possible. The product should be composed primarily of stone that is 3/8� or smaller with enough fine sand to assure compaction and stability. You should install at least 4� of base material and compact it as described above. Be sure to compact the base several times.

You may wish to install optional edging. Brick, decorative or natural stone, 2�x4� or 4�x4� wood, flexible plastic or metal edging may all be obtained from your local hardware store. The top of the edging should be at the proposed finished elevation of the base to prevent trapping water.

Once the base work is completed, roll out the turf and allow it to relax for several hours. This should cause any wrinkles to settle. Cut the ends of the turf to fit. This can be done with a sharp utility knife and a new blade. Cut the turf to fit around trees, flowerbeds and landscape islands, etc.... If you change your mind at this point and make a mistake, don’t worry. Simply use the seaming method described below to put turf together where you want it. In areas larger than 15 feet in width, where two pieces of turf must be seamed together, seaming scrim will be included with the order and good outdoor carpet glue may be acquired from your local hardware or carpet supply store. It is important to use a high quality, outdoor adhesive to prevent delaminating later. It should be noted that although turf can be seamed together these seams are often noticeable.

Once you have finished installing the turf, step back and survey the landscape. Be sure your turf is in the right placement. If you find that your layout isn’t just right, change it now with the seaming method described above.
Diagram of Possible AstroLawn Layout.
Click Picture to Enlarge.

Now its time to install the fill material. We can supply the rubber with your order at an additional charge. Broadcast the rubber with a shovel or with a fertilizer spreader set on maximum distribution. Distribute rubber over a wide area and broom it in with a stiff bristled street broom. Be sure to put down a little bit at a time as dumping out large quantities will flatten the turf making it more difficult to fluff or fibrillate the fibers. Continue to distribute rubber and fluff the turf until the desired amount of fill is installed. A good rule of thumb is 2 to 2.5 lbs per square foot. The fill you install today is going to compact with rain and use over time. Plan on an additional top dressing after the fill has had time to settle.

As you use your AstroLawn® the fibers will bloom and take on an even more grass like appearance. From time to time you may elect to change the layout of your turf. Don’t worry; adding or removing turf is as easy installing it by simply using the techniques listed above. For additional questions we may be reached at 1-800-233-5714 ext. 256.
Enjoy your AstroLawn®!
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New dome surface

I think it may help that now we basically have the same practice turf as we do game day turf.

It\'s looking like New Orleans is becoming a really nice place for free agents to come to. New indoor facility, modern turf at practice and stadium, a fanatic fan base that will beat down the doors to get in if we start winning, and gorgeously hot women.

Now, send pictures of all of these things to every stud CB/LB free-agent in the league.
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