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"Chicken Little Epidemic" now in full swing

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Drew Brees isn't worth speaking of...BUM...

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Drew Brees isn't worth speaking of...BUM
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Our record should be 2-12 @ this point and time.That's how turrible we've played this season!
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I bet Hartley never tries to kick with his eyes closed again!LOL that hurt..

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Originally Posted by strato View Post
I think its time for Chase to get his chance ...the season is over anyway...Bench Reggie so he will be healthy for trade bait.
Should we attach Jimmy Graham to Reggies trade?he'll never amount to anything either IMHO!I think we'd get a good deal..a 6th AND a 7th rounder!!
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Im BACK!!!!!
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At least we have our health.


wft is wrong with Greer?
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We couldn't stop the run today at all, and still almost won the game. Things happen, Payton and Williams are good coaches, they'll straighten them out.
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What we saw was not some new phenomena that suddenly showed up in week 15. We've played hot and cold ALL season. There has been no consistency in any part of our game - NONE! Even the wins were somewhat shakey. I'm not surprised or upset by this loss to the Ravens. I wouldn't be surprised if we crush the Falcons next week and once again look like the best team in the NFL. That's what we are this season. I am still waiting for us to put together a total game and it just hasn't happened yet. Sooner than later would be preferrable.

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I think it's only fitting for this thread to rear it's ugly head once a year!What better time than after GAME ONE!
I'll admit it was tough watching our D struggle like they did,but guess what there's still a LITTLE BIT of time to right the ship.


Pick one and wear it proudly:

Everybody shout in unison one time...
Packers got us...Bring chicago to the SUPERDOME!!!!!!!

(uppity...no positive...Hell yeah!!)

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The Saints defense reads and reacts instead of attacking and doesn't play with an attitude. That could be scheme or talent or more likely a combination of both. The only time the Saints defense hit someone last night was when Jenkins hit Driver. Other than that, it was alot of reaching and grabbing. As far as the criticism of last night game goes, the majority of what I've seen is well deserved. Yet, as I said in another thread, as good as the Packers played and as bad as the Saints played, the Saints still could have won that game.
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