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Reggie Bush, stilll, love 'em

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Graham is not Shockey so if one more person compares them (not here) my head will explode. Reginold will be fine. 8 weeks and a bit of leg worry are what happened as well as him pressing too much. He ...

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Graham is not Shockey so if one more person compares them (not here) my head will explode. Reginold will be fine. 8 weeks and a bit of leg worry are what happened as well as him pressing too much. He shook off the outer layer of rust which is important.
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I don't like him very much after yesterday. I don't see how you can get paid millions to hold a freaking football and you can't catch it or fumble it all over the place when you do get it.
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Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
I noticed h slipped on that pass that should have been a TD. Also Porter was slippin' quite a bit early in the game and i saw other playes do it throughout the game. Got me thinking, what kind of surface do the Cowgirls have? Is it that slippery?
I was wondering about that as well. Our guys were slipping all over the place and Porter was killing me because he seemed to be all over the ground instead of the opponent.

It has been either feast or famine with Reggie. Agreed he gets paid a lot and should not be losing the ball, but I do recall the numerous fumbles over the past few years. I also recall Reggie doing some amazing things when it appeared that there was nothing. He needs to practice, practice, practice and Brees will be right there with him practicing.

And we should all be grateful for Williams letting Jenkins rip the ball from his hands. He delivered us an early Christmas gift!

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Reggie is a difference maker in some games. I enjoy watching him play. That's probably the main thing for me. He's exciting to watch because he has the ability to do something great on any given play. I wasn't happy about his performance yesterday, but he's going to be much harder on himself than any of the fans.
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Im a fan of Reggie as a person. Just like I liked the Saints when they were down, whether they actually had a chance to beat the 49ers or not.

Just like I root for my kid when he plays little league football. Im rooting for him.

Business is business. I understand. Cut Reggie loose if you must-- that might be the correct action, if you're the front office.

But personally, as just a fan in the Terrace, I'm rooting for Reggie to come back and be a star.
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I'm a firm believer in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." The most important stat in football is wins. If anybody wants to compare Bush to Barber, Jones-Drew, or Peterson, I say look at the records and look at the ring fingers. Fantasy football owners can have the rest of those guys, we're keeping Bush.
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give the man a chance to get game ready. Still Love him.
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Originally Posted by strato View Post
Rusty explains the screen and drop that could have easily been 7.

Reggie is how you explain the fumble. He is Reggie and that is what he does he fumbles and makes me cringe WHEN HE GOES BACK TO FIELD A PUNT.
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i agree...if they would have let him play in the last game then i think he could have at least gotten some of the jitters and kinks out of his system and this game could have been a little different. he should be back on his feet in no time!

still on TEAM REGGIE!
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He needs to be on the field for a while with out the ball in his hands to get his rhythm back. Historically players that sit out for many games come back rusty....

He has averaged 3-4 fumbles a season.

While I like him too. However, some games he makes a larger contribution with out the ball, by making defenses key on him.

In all fairness, he has had what... 8 weeks to get game ready?
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