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Ravens 30 Saints 24

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; D lost this game for us. Our O put up the points. How does a Ravens Offense get 30 points?...

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D lost this game for us. Our O put up the points. How does a Ravens Offense get 30 points?
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There is no time for gloom & doom. Time to move on to next monday night in Atlanta.
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I think it's funny how so many want to blame Reggie. How about Drew throwing a bit behind Colston on our last drive? Dropped passes? Defense getting too risky and allowing 3rd down conversions.

The problem started when we came out and threw, threw again, threw again, and again. We should have used the run more, even if it didn't work. We tried the screen to combat it, but the screen doesn't work again a D line, and backers like that.

They knew we would pass to high heaven, and we sure tried to.
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I give a lot of credit to the Ravens. They stuck with their bread and butter all game and the Saints D had no answer for it. Our offense did their job, sure they had a few issue but the defense was lost.
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Most of us thought they would lose one more game and most of us thought it would be this one so don't worry. The Bucs, Rams, Seahags lost. Giants are one game behind us, if the Packers lose they're still 2 back with the Yucs so we're gonna make the playoffs and I would rather play the Rams and then go play the Falcons again. Gives us alot better chance to win it all again.
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Payton's game plan of attempting to wear the Ravens defense out with relentless three-and-outs, didn't really work out too well. The Ravens seemed to be jogging off the field after the third incompletion each time, with no adverse problems.

I liked the spunky kick return at the very end, though -- was surprised that McMahon had it in him to draw up something with actual X's and O's like that. Get the ball to Reggie, then get the ball away from Reggie, then back to Reggie with some room to run. Too bad we missed on the ol' Fumblerooski move, otherwise it was looking pretty good. Probably our best field position on a kick return all year, too bad there was no time left! They ought to do that on every kickoff from here on out -- it'd certainly be better field position than Roby or Thomas running straight out to the 20 and smacking ineffectively into a wall of people like they always do.
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Originally Posted by saintpaul25 View Post
Ray Rice, was a one man wrecking crew on our defense today. No one could stop him.
As one of many Who Dats in the stands for the game I can tell you that Ray Rice getting 133 offensive yds on our D boiled down to one thing: TACKLING There are several plays when our guys just looked like they were moving in slo-mo and not wrapping the guy up. Stops were made, but when a RB like him gets into the second tier of the D with a head of steam, he's going to smash you in the mouth! Pitiful...

Originally Posted by saintpaul25 View Post
...a lot of work to do before Atlanta next week. Turner is going to be licking his chops watching this tape.
Unless GW can slap some sense into our D, you're going to see the same result in the ATL.

A wise man once said, "Poo-poo smells just as bad as s#!%. One just SOUNDS cuter!"
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[QUOTE=SaintsBro;271542]Payton's game plan of attempting to wear the Ravens defense out with relentless three-and-outs, didn't really work out too well... QUOTE]

Now that's funny rat der! I don't care who you are.
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How many games this season have we been in the situation of Drew having to pull off a fourth quarter save? Didn't pan out this week, and it was overdue. The Ravens are a good team, and we all know we beat them on any playoff day. Poor poor poor tackling, the only reason they won. We got our ass kicked defensively all day and only lost by a few. The road to superbowl is obviously through ATL now and I say good, nothing better than knocking the dirtybirds out in their own house.
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