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Saints reach 4 year deal(12 million) with Pierre Thomas

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; This doesn't really excite me. Hope Ivory gets the starts....

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Threaded by Crusader
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This doesn't really excite me. Hope Ivory gets the starts.
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Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
This doesn't really excite me. Hope Ivory gets the starts.
But when Ivory goes on IR after 6 games, we have PT to count on.

Great signing.
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Bye, bye Reggie Bust.
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Let's hope Lance Moore signs a multi year deal just like PT has.
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I'm glad to have him for four more years.....even if it might really be only two years. Just spend some more time on the field.
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What amount is guaranteed?

What effect will the new CBA have?

What is the sound of one hand clapping?
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Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
This doesn't really excite me. Hope Ivory gets the starts.
This doesn't excite me either. I was hoping the team would look into getting a bigger, more solid, less injury-prone back via the draft or free agency to handle the work load. I give credit to Thomas and everything he has done for the Saints. But I've grown sick of looking through the injury depleted running back corps over the past seasons and wondering from game to game who was going to shoulder (or knee, ankle, etc) the load. Going back to the last few injury plagued seasons of Deuce to Antowain Smith, to Aaron Stecker, to Mike Bell, to Thomas, to Hamilton, to Ivory it seems like the team thinks they can just throw a body out there and it will be good enough to get the job done. I don't agree with this. The most productive back in the team's history was obtained with a first round draft pick. Why the HECK is Payton satisfied with oft-injured unknowns to handle one of the most important spots on the roster.
I know a good run game requires good run blocking and that was lacking last season. But if we had a Stephen Jckson type back it would help our offense vastly. Rather than being able to run sometimes because teams feared the passing attack, we would be able to actually run the ball when we want to, which would open up the passing even more. Who knows, they may even be able to convert those 3rd and 4th down short yardage situations (Seattle playoff game anyone) that they seem to not get so often.
I dearly hope I am wrong and Thomas runs for 2,000 yards during the upcoming 18 game season, leads the Saints to their second Superbowl title and makes the pro bowl. But I don't expect it and I sure am not all excited about the prospect of the Saint's best running back being a guy who has averaged 41 yards per game and 5 games missed for injury over the 4 seasons he's been on the team.
Now go prove me wrong Pierre! PLEASE!
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PT and Reggie brought us a Superbowl.
Steven Jackson gets hurt too.
I think Ivory is still a #3 RB.
Glad PT is here, hope Reggie stays at the right price and if not, there will be other options.
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Why does everyone think this means Reggie is gone. This has absolutely nothing to do with Reg. Look, we need depth at RB. Do yall not remember what happened last year. Im glad we locked him up and I hope we lock up some more guys at RB. We need all we can get.
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Originally Posted by SAINT_MICHAEL View Post
This doesn't excite me either. PLEASE!
Well there are some other things you have to consider. PT has the sight, which is very rare in a RB. Faster stronger RB's don't mean anything if they don't have the sight. Ivory does not have the sight.
If you watch PT's footage he knows were guys are and how to move without thinking, you dont have time to think when running the ball. To me its an art form, your dealing 10ths of a second. Its a gift , you either have it or you dont, and PT has it. He might be slow and not as strong as people would like, but he also has a chip on his shoulder, another quality in a good RB. His ball control is amazing. I think the only thing hes missing as a RB is balance, he seems to struggle because of his brick build.

PT is a solid acquisition for 4 years. He could be rotated to 2nd or 3rd RB in year 3-4 with new talent taking a leading roll. I think he's one of the most underrated RB's in the NFL.

Saints proved that pigs could fly in 2009.
Now its time for another miracle SuperBowl and go where no pig has gone before.

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