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Aaron Brooks Football !!!!!!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; WhoDat, My point wasn\'t directed at you, as I do remember you saying exactly that - Haz can\'t keep \'em up for the whole season. It was actually someone else (actually, if you look closely, it was several people) who ...

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Aaron Brooks Football !!!!!!


My point wasn\'t directed at you, as I do remember you saying exactly that - Haz can\'t keep \'em up for the whole season. It was actually someone else (actually, if you look closely, it was several people) who said that Haz can\'t win in December, no matter what.

As for the rest of the post, I\'m not sure what to say about that. Is it your view that the team will win big now that it doesn\'t matter? That seems odd. Why would a team play better (and win bigger) when nothing is on the line? I guess I just don\'t see the causal connection. I would think a demoralized, unmotivated team would lose out, rather than win out.
How anyone can believe that the month of December has ANYTHING to do with us winning games is beyond me. That makes about as much sense as a black cat bringing bad luck. Some folks are so hell bent with the negitivity that they convince themselves of ANYTHING. Now, that argument has been disproved, they claim that the Saints can only win in December when nothing is on the line. It\'s all negitive and it reflects their personaltiy and the way they feel about the current coaches and players.

Now I\'m suppose to believe that the Saints will win out and win big because there is nothing left to play for? Yeah Ok.

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Aaron Brooks Football !!!!!!

No, I\'m saying welcome to New Orleans guys. Of course the Saints will win big. They\'ll do it to give you hope. They\'ll do it b/c the one thing this team needs is a coaching change, and thus, in typical NO style they\'ll do just enough to allow their coach to stay and nothing will change.

Listen, You two were blasting the coaches up until 7:00 on Sunday. I know Billy said he thinks Haslett needs to be fired. Now, one big game and have you two changed your minds? What if they win like that next week, and the next? Will you want Haslett to stay then? My guess is yes, even though those big wins won\'t have meant anything when the season is over an done with. If the Saints had lost out would you feel differently? Of couse. So my point is - the one big thing this team needs to really get better is a new coach. But as we all know, this team never does the things it needs to to get better - which is why I said I thought they would win out. Now Haslett will stay and things won\'t chnage very much if at all.

\"Excuses, excuses, excuses. That’s all anyone ever makes for the New Orleans Saints’ organization.\" - Eric Narcisse

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Aaron Brooks Football !!!!!!


I\'m with you on the need for a coaching change. I haven\'t changed my mind on that.. yet. I was merely observing that the argument, which you weren\'t making, that Haz cannot win in December - AND that is a good reason to get rid of him - is not a good argument.

I\'m still not sure what to think about the idea you seem to be advancing, namely that our boys will win BECAUSE either 1. it doesn\'t matter any more or 2. so we will not get a new coach. Is the missing premise this: the Saints necessarily do things that will cause our hearts to be broken at the end of each season? Of course, that would make the following make some sense: 1. one way to break our heart next year, which our boys must do, is to retain our current coach, 2. winning will retain our coach, therefore, 3. we will win out.

"... I was beating them with my eyes the whole game..." - Aaron Brooks :cool:
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Aaron Brooks Football !!!!!!

A mighty triumph against a team that\'s won how many games?!

Any quarterback in the NFL, given enough time, should be able to find the open receiver and throw a catchable pass to him...even Aaron Brooks. No one I\'m aware of ever said AB doesn\'t possess great raw talent. His problems arise when he\'s forced to deal with a pass rush...except, of course, when the ball simply gets a mind of its\' own and jumps out of his hand.

He still has a problem with mental errors...something\'s not right when the third wide receiver can see that the play clock is running out and must call time because the QB apparently has very little situational awareness. Or the QB looks over the defense, doesn\'t like what he sees, calls an audible, then calls time out, talks it over with the coaching staff, goes back out onto the field, looks over the defense, doesn\'t like what he sees, calls an audible, then lets the play clock run out. This happened, in that order, all on one play...and this kind of thing happens with Brooks game in and game out. There\'s no excuse for it.

I really wish I was wrong about him...but I\'m not...at least, not yet. But I\'m hopeful.
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Aaron Brooks Football !!!!!!

also the differece was that there were more deep balls thrown... Brooks has a horrible problem throwing the short ones and not seeing the LB\'s sitting in the balls path.
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Aaron Brooks Football !!!!!!

This whole scenario would be a mute point had New Orleans taken care of business against the Bucs but as usual the game we REALLY needed to be focused on slipped through our fingers again. Big deal we blew the Giants out of the water, after Dallas dismantles them this week we\'re right back where we\'ve been the past two years. Wondering why this coaching staff can\'t prepare this team to win before desperation sets in. I\'m glad A.B and Horn have a lovey-dovey relationship now, it\'s just too bad when the we needed these over-paid crybabies they weren\'t there for us. I, for once, want o feel good about half way through the season about where we are for the future. Not wondering what is going to happen that this team cannot sustain life consistantly in the NFL playoff picture.
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Aaron Brooks Football !!!!!!

Great post Cassady, and exactly the way I feel.

Haslett cannot do it for a whole season. Go read Billy\'s interesting stats thread - it says it all. In essence, despite having all kinds of talent and being in the tops in the league in a slew of categories the coaching staff cannot put it all together. You don\'t get to the playoffs by not beating a winning team all year. Sorry.
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