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C'mon guys!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by poydras It's a new year so I went and cleared my ignore list. Some people were on it for being rude or just simply dumb but most people were there because they had obscene or "not workplace ...

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Originally Posted by poydras View Post
It's a new year so I went and cleared my ignore list. Some people were on it for being rude or just simply dumb but most people were there because they had obscene or "not workplace appropriate" avatars or pictures attached to their posts. It's embarassing when someone comes into my office and I appear to be scrolling down a porn site while viewing posts. Anyone who knows me or has seen my own pictures knows I'm not some puritan trying to force my morality on other people. My own avatar is a caricature of a girl in tiny shorts, but c'mon guys, this is a sports board; please be reasonable.
Alldat, Joanie and Poydras... where ya'll been? The ladies are back!

Please remember football is a violent sport played by men. As such, beautiful women have always been a part of football too. While I do not speak for management, consider that unlike other websites this board has always been moderated at a PG-13 level and most likely will continue in that fashion. Members have always conducted themselves in the proper fashion.

This board has never needed to be over moderated and many of the avatars are no worse than you would see at the beach. If you thing an avatar is over the top, please send a private message to the member and ask them to change it before bringing it to management or to this forum. Most members understand and gladly change them at a simple request. If you feel that you need to turn off avatars at work or around children, please check your UserCP for these controls.

Guys... please keep your avatars in good taste and within the guidelines already set by management, and I think we will have no trouble.

Thank you ladies for understanding. Now let's get ready for the season.

Boys will be boys... Old habits are tough to break...

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Originally Posted by B_Dub_Saint View Post
I know I was one of the ones on the ignore list. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA
Yea... It's a good thing Brees is such a nice guy.
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I thought we went throught this a long time ago. I was wondering why it was slowly moving back in that direction, though. Ever since my last chastising I decided to go with an avatar that represented what sport was in season. I'm gonna keep the Lincecum (sp?) avatar, though, until the Giants are no longer world champs. (side-note...I've been a SF Giant fan since 1962 when I was placed on my first organized baseball team, the SF Giants in the pee-wee league at the Gulfport harbor.)

I like my avatar, though. Every time I look at it I imagine that I am about to hit against "The Freak". I'm not sure if that would be awesome or gruesome, though.

2nd side-note...Although I probably did, I hope I didn't make Poydras' ignore list.

Whether you think you can or think you can't...you're right!

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I'm a Rangers fan.
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I liked the Dodgers when they played in Brooklyn....
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Originally Posted by darstep View Post
Last year my 10 year old daughter walked up, looked over my shoulder, and said "Daddy, who's that girl?" ... what girl? I don't see any girl..."You think mommy knows who she is?"
That is honestly hilarious.
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Originally Posted by papz View Post
I'm a Rangers fan.
My condolences...
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I'm a guy. I love women. I like porn. I like football. I love the Saints.

But I don't need to get them all in one place. The Internet is huge, so there's no need for near-porn on a sports board.

I haven't added anyone to the ignore list, but I did turn off the avatars in my user settings a LOOONG time ago. I just can't risk someone walking into my office and seeing something inappropriate on my screen.
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LOL...my back is to the door, and anyone who walks past my office or to the door sees everything on my screen. Granted, we own the company, so the only person who will actually QUESTION me on it is the hubby, but at the same time, it does look really strange. I'm sure people wonder why I am looking at all these "in your face" b**bs! Nope, my door doesn't swing both ways! Anyway, to those of you who decided to change to less pornographic avatars, thank you! And to those who decided to keep theirs....I can live with it...that is between you, your spouse, your significant other, your boss, your kids, etc. Let's play ball!!!!!!
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Life is too short to be miserable....make changes while you can!
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Well I hope my avatar is not too offensive. These days, you never can tell.
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