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What we needed!!!

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Choot Dat!
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Hu Dat!
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No way! I'm just resting!

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Originally Posted by 2BnamedLater View Post
No. What we needed was a solid performance out of our starters and all we got was a continuation of the seattle game last year. Over confident?!?! Based on what? And quit with the "it's only preseason" crud. You play those games for a freaking reason.
It's only preseason.
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Originally Posted by 2BnamedLater View Post
Yeah, and when we get creamed at green bay, everyone will say "it's just the first game" and when we lose to the bears, everyone will say "the season's young". At what point would you like me to become concerned?

When we miss the palyoffs?
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Yeah if we miss em..then y'all can belly ache...
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Originally Posted by Mardigras9 View Post
Remember seeing last weeks thread comparing this defense to the Dome Patrol? Preseason will not show any of us what this team is, not until Sept 8.
Hmmm... I don't want to take it too literally, but I would say that these games show us quite a lot about "what this team is."

If we just forget for a moment about the different strategies and gameplans that would normally change the look and flow of these games, then what we have are individual players showing their coaches at what level they can compete at and what their skill-sets are. These individuals make up the team - barring any rosters additions/reductions - so I would say that we have a fairly good approximation of "what this team is."

We can always make the argument that the coaches were unwilling to show their hands this early on and, therefore, ran very vanilla Os & Ds, but still, I don't think the individual players are holding back on their performances - especially those still fighting for depth chart or roster spots. If they were holding back... these games would be worthless in one of their main functions, which is to allow the coaching staff to evaluate players in a competitive environment against another team.

Another argument might be that a lot of these guys won't have as big of an impact in the season - if any - and so it's virtually impossible to deduce from these games what the real game day team would look and feel like. But, so far it's mainly the first string guys that haven't looked really good in these games - well the D did against SF - and that is where the concerns rise from whether they be caused by lack of skills or just unfamiliarity of playing together as a team.

Anyway, I'm not saying a pre-season loss means that the Saints are doomed, but to say that these games cannot be used to give some indication of the capabilities of this team, is the polar opposite of overreacting and equally invalid in my opinion.
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"I'm not bashing people, I'm bashing their opinions because in my opinion their opinion is wrong" - Danno
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Im not worried it sux we took an L but im not worried, the offense moved up and down the field minus a blown assignments we're still legit! Andre Johnson does that to everyone just gotta do better on bracketing him, run defense needs to tighten up but again im not worried we play them in wk 4 or 5 I think, you dont want to let the cat outta the bag an show to much. What I saw on offense is we do what we want when we want on O. Defense again just gotta tighten up missed tackles dont help either I dont remember who whiffed on that first Foster Td but eewwwww he needs to break down and square up better
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Did anyone else notice Reggie (#25) in the secondary? Garbage. I think the "real" bush could have tackled better than that. I was at the game and the guy next to me said " who is number 25? ", I told him it didn't matter, he wont be playing week 1. Also noticed someone wearing number 42, and it obviously wasn't Sharper, guess that means he is done.
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