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Saints vs Packers prediction

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; 31-28 Saints...

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31-28 Saints
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I have seen no reason to have any faith in our defense, but our offense is going to be awsome. But I have to give an honest answer based on what I've seen this preseason.

41-35 Packers.

I hope Strato is right and our defense decides to show up and prove me wrong. I hope I don't win the $20.
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37 - 24 Packers.

-Sadly, I don't think the game will be as close as the score.
-The Packers offense has looked great during the preseason. Finley and Nelson are coverage nightmares.
-The Packers defense is the best the Saints will play all season.
-The Saints offense looked great against the Raiders. But, with two new starters on the O-Line, a new TE, a rookie RB, and limited reps for Colston and Moore during the preseason, I just don't think they will gell as easily as they need to against the Packers, in Green Bay, on opening night.
-The Saints defense has issues at LDE, both OLB spots, and too few reps as a unit with Jenkins, Harper, and Porter missing most of preseason.
-Any way you slice it, the Saints have kicking issues. Kasey is a proven vet but he was on the street for a reason. At the very least he showed rust which isn't good especially with a new holder. Kicking is largely about confidence.

The good news is, lol, the Saints are absolutely capable of winning the game. If they commit to the run, and don't turn the ball over, limiting the Packers touches, and are able to dial up some pressure on Rodgers, they have a shot. But, it will take an almost perfect game. WHO DAT!
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I have developed a new computer program...

I would be willing to bet any member reading this post $100 that I can tell you the score of that game before it even starts. My program has been 100% so far.
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Originally Posted by Saint_LB View Post
I have developed a new computer program...

I would be willing to bet any member reading this post $100 that I can tell you the score of that game before it even starts. My program has been 100% so far.
Too bad Vegas wouldn't allow that bet.
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Originally Posted by papz View Post
Too bad Vegas wouldn't allow that bet.
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Payton and Brees will have the Offense ready; Williams and Vilma will have the Defense ready.

Saints 35
Packers 31
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Originally Posted by saintfan View Post
35 -31 Saints

Sorry saintfan...I didn't realize we had the same score picked. I'm keeping the score but I will defer the winnings to you, seeing as how you picked it first...
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24-21 Saints. The preseason this year is particularly not indicative of the regular season this year, since there were no OTAs and shortened camp with which to evaluate prospects. Payton didn't even begin to show his playbook and Gregg dialed up nearly identical blitzes every game with different personnel, probably just to see who knew their blitz assignments best (which most past the first string didn't, including Junya, and no one past the second string.) So if the preseason Saints are normally a shadow of the regular season, this year we might as well have been watching Colts games, because we seriously got nothing from any of our players or coaches due to the lockout.

That said, the Pack is a really complete team that is healthy and coming right off their Super Bowl to their home opener at Lambeau, I don't know if there has ever been a better homefield advantage than that in the history of the NFL. They are going to play us harder than anybody but the Bears and we won't see that level of intensity again until November.

I still believe the Saints are stronger in the matchups, their running backs are small, agile runners, and aren't going to be able to push through our tackles like a power runner like Marshawn did, Aaron Rodgers is their biggest threat, and our secondary is one of the best in the league, so that match up could go either way.
On the other hand, GB's secondary is good in short and medium yardage, but the deep ball they have problems (See Mike Wallace in SBXLV.) With our three-headed monster we should be able to exploit any run weakness a defense has, but I don't know if GB has any, they are pretty solid across that side of the ball.

I don't think we will be able to score at will, but GB won't be able to either, however I do think that in these types of games our coaching from Payton/Williams is what gives us the edge. Ultimately this will be decided on turnovers, and if SP and GW have fixed their respective TO problems from last year then we should be able to go home with a hard-fought squeaker.
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It better not come down to a field goal...
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