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Something that bothered me about the Bears game

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Why Sean Payton kept drew in there the last few plays of the game is beyond me. The game was well out of hand and Cutler and the Bears offense had given up. I can understand keeping the Defensive starters ...

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Something that bothered me about the Bears game

Why Sean Payton kept drew in there the last few plays of the game is beyond me. The game was well out of hand and Cutler and the Bears offense had given up. I can understand keeping the Defensive starters out there as they needed some redemption and are a work in progress, but our Offense is clicking on all cylinders. If Paytons ego gets Drew hurt over stupid crap like this I am gonna be pissed. Besides that this game was a pleasure to watch. I do think the Bears may have one of the worst Olines in the league, so I am not going to get too excited about our Defense just yet, but it does look like we are on the improve and that our younger guys are really stepping up. We have scored 30+ points on two of the best Defenses in the leauge (last year) and we have done it without Colston. If this is a sign of things to come I think we may be looking at the best offense this league has ever seen. I can only imagine how many points we will put up on a ****ty defense like the Falcons. Sproles is the best offseason move since we got Brees, and our receivers are really stepping up and when Colston comes back we are going to be a force. Hats off to Graham too.
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They beat us in the 06 NFCC game, and what seems to be every winter since ......I was hoping he kept him in to score again...rub it in their Katrina hatin faces!!!!
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I kinda agree with you but in recent times you just don't see the starting QB pulled anymore. Used to be fairly common in blowouts. Nowdays not so much.
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What part of "FINISH STRONG" do you NOT understand? Did you ever see those tee shirts at all? At your own job, or whatever you do in life, do you often quit on important tasks, when you get towards the end, you're halfway there, three quarters there, over the hump, before it's over, and do you suddenly step back and leave others to finish off your work off for you? Is that how you roll?

Did Payton's "ego" get Drew hurt today? That would be a NO. The Bears obviously gave up, but had OUR offense given up? That would be a BIG FAT NO. Nothing that you are fretting about actually happened, in the game, so why are you bothered by this? Is Drew the same as Cutler -- he gives up, loses heart, turns off the jets in the third quarter, and puts on the proverbial baseball cap and checks out? Is that what you want from your QB? I don't think that's very like Drew, if you ask me. Sounds like you don't know the guy too well, or else you don't remember '06 and a certain game in Chicago ... #9 handing off or taking a knee, victory formation, boring offense with an comfortable lead, that CAN mean something more than what it says on the stat sheet... This game today was HUGE that way. And you are wanting to put Drew on the sidelines, holding a clipboard for that very special moment. OK dude...

AND from a purely coaching point of view, sometimes grinding out some ugly late yards and running out the clock, jogging across the field, shaking hands with the other coach and saying "Good game, but you know we kinda let you off the hook there, we coulda scored some more" is MUCH better than racking it up to 37-13 or 43-13 or 50-13, when you might face that SAME TEAM later again in the playoffs... Putting the 2nd string QB at the end of the game would be an insult, a taunt, the same type of thing as Reggie's cute little flip move into the end zone in '06 -- and we don't need that to make the Bears madder at us, when today, they just plain got beat.
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I definitely don't share your same sentiments on this subject at all. Have you not ever heard Drew Brees say that he always wants to be in the game? The man is a gamer to the end. Let him play his game!
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They were running the ball mostly. I think Drew is a smart enough QB to know at that point in the game to not put himself in jeopardy. He wanted to be there until the end.
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I have never been a fan of Payton's playcalling. I think he mostly gets away with it due to the supreme talent of Brees. And with a resume that includes two NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl Title, my guess is I will continue to disagree with his approach while smiling most of the time. LOL.
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Drew's on Payton's fantasy team.
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I dont remember thinking, "Lets get Drew out of there," and usually, I am
one to want to be cautious with players health. The entire preseason,
all I think is, "Dont let Drew get hurt." I just never got to that part yesterday.

Of course, my emotion took over. I wanted the score runned up as much as possible, so Im not a good measure here. I wanted to score 70. I
wanted to see Bears fans crying down the slippery ramps.
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What bothers me about this game is that it WAS NOT BROADCAST IN SHREVEPORT! I missed the first half looking for a place to watch the game.
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