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Helpful Guide for Texans Fans Visiting N.O. for the First Time

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; note: this is a happy thread for big people. It is sincerely intended to help people. If anyone has anything negative, or hateful to say, could you please start your own thread elsewhere on the forum please. You're already coming ...

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Im BACK!!!!!
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Helpful Guide for Texans Fans Visiting N.O. for the First Time

note: this is a happy thread for big people. It is sincerely intended to help people. If anyone has anything negative, or hateful to say, could you please start your own thread elsewhere on the forum please.

You're already coming to a great football game. New Orleans can be the time of your life, especially if you're prepared. Without knowing some things it could become a bit inconvienient. So in our Spirit of Gulf Coast Sportsmanship, lets help fans from your Sister across the Sabine to have the most outstanding NOLA experience.

1. Hotel, and accomodations: Even the Grateful Dead, who normally winged it on their long strange journey's, had reservations. Only Lyndon B. Johnson could get away with just walking up. You need em.

2. If you are driving, or renting a car from the airport. Parking can be pricey. Think Downtown H-Town inflated. $30 in some lots near the Dome. Take an early drive and scope out yourself a reasonable spot. Your hotel might cover this, but be sure you can stay there after checkout time, if you're going to the game & then hitting I-10.

3. Which brings me to I-10. gameday morning, it'll get packed up after the Mandeville exit. Then you'll get about 5 miles of brakes. It'll be like 290 on friday afternoon. I'll give one secret: I take Causeway Blvd. (SB) to Airline Hwy. Airline has lights, but it always runs well. It goes right into Tulane Ave, which takes you directly to the Dome.

4. After the game, I-10 is like 290 on steroids. You know how 610 really isnt any problem once you get on the freeway at Reliant. (because Houston is so well planned) Well Its gonna take you over 2 hours to get back to Baton Rouge, which is usually 1.25 when I'm driving.
Unless you leave at halftime, it wont help. You can wait it out, and it still is bad.

I wont give you my secret route thru the sugar, but, 90, yes 90, is improving all the time. Bring your radar. You'll lose 1 1/2 hour going that way, but you would have been sitting in traffic to do the same time.

5. While youre there Saturday: One of the greatest myths about N.O. is that its just a place to get drunk and party. If you're young, you'll probably just get drunk and party. If you're not young, there sure are a lot of pretty places to take your wife, and interesting spots. History everywhere. My favorite touristy spots are the Wax Museum on Conti, and the Voodoo museum on St. Ann. The riverboats are a nice place to take your lady also. I'll let the old locals chime in on eclectic dives.

The best restaurants on Earth are in this city. Again, I yield to the old ones. if you get really homesick, there's an IHOP on canal st. OH!!! I am so just messin with ya!

6. Everything does not go in N.O. Forget "Girls Gone Wild." That stuff only gets overlooked on Bourbon St. Elsewhere, the laws are the same. But the law does seem to be enforced differently. There doesnt seem to be a watchdog group to ensure your civil rights, so dont expect any appeal process if NOPD busts your head. Thats a difference I see in Hou. and N.O. You cant complain to some supervisor about your service, and get a big corporate (sorry!) apology. Its just kinda your tough noogies. Bear in mind shopowners, bartenders, and cops deal with whatever you're bringing all the time. They have signs saying, "Be Nice or Leave." Just be your normal cool self.

Even people who love me will find it hilarious that Im saying this. The best way to enjoy New Orleans is to relax. Road ragie types dont do well here.

Believe me, they want you to have a blast, eat, drink, be merry. But these guys have to deal with horde's of tourists, and in this volume, squeaky wheels get a different kind of grease.

7. Opposing fans: no problem. some people may talk, but its just talk. If anything truly ugly was going to happen, it would have happened with Bears fans last week. We have bad blood with them. If you're cool, you can expect coolness. Dont surprised if strangers talk to you. its normal.

Here's to you having a fantastic time in New Orleans, and a great, hard-fought game, with no injuries, some national media attention for both teams, and some mutual respect on the Gulf Coast.
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Park on the street people. Parking meters don't run on Sundays. I get my free spot every Sunday, 100 yards from the dome.
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Great thread, skymike. If it's okay, I'll add:

Above all, walk with your head up like you know where you're going. Even if you don't. You can talk to ANYONE, just do it with confidence.

DON'T have your wallet hanging out of your pocket or you will never see it again. That is a fact.

DON'T let your "ole lady" carry a purse... For God's sake!...

If you are harassed by those peddling something you don't want, just say and emphatic NO THANKS and walk away. They won't follow you if you are as assertive as they are.

Don't bet on anything on the street. You'll lose. Then you'll either pay up or get jumped by the guy in front of you and the three guys behind you.

Pay-Less. You got your shoes at Pay-Less. LOL

Court of Two Sisters is a RIP OFF. Don't go there except to feel that feeling you get when you walk in that OLD place.

The beignets and coffee are ALL THAT. Just do it.

I grew up in New Orleans and go back pretty often. Most fun city in the world, you just don't want to live there...

Jus' kidding, Damm!


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Im BACK!!!!!
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oh hell yeah, Yats--- add to this!

I know a lot of you have good helpful stuff to add.
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DUDE - You are fricking awesome.

Now, I am not coming BUT if I was this would be about the nicest & best advice anyone could give.

WAY WAY Cool of you. I would add to your REP but I have already done so recently so I will just hit "like" & tip my hat to you!!
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Im BACK!!!!!
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Originally Posted by homerj07 View Post
WAY WAY Cool of you.
Thanks Homer. Its also fun to be a villian, but this is less work.
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Great Thread Mike.....

First off understand that the VAST majority of New Orleanians are thrilled that you are here.... We get along with everyone.... If you encounter one of the few A-holes... simply ignore them... more than likely another Saints Fan will tell them to Shut the #@#$ up for you...

Parking is easy in the big easy... even on game day... lots of free parking if you get there early.... If you are flying in, forget renting a car.. You wont need it.... Nawlins is a compact city which is why the NFL loves us for Superbowls... If you stay anywhere near downtown... the French Quarter... the Warehouse District... or even up on St Charles you are within walking distance of the Dome..... Leave your hotel or restaurant (or bar if it was an all-nighter) and just blend in with the crowd... they will take you directly to the Dome....

Leave early and spend some time in Champions Square... If you have not been here before its between the Dome and the Hyatt (which should be reopening soon)... Great music... drink and food vendors.... lots of fun...

I am a gambler so I spend lots of time in and around Harrahs.... check out the area around it (across Poydras)... Good restaurants and night clubs.... but as a visitor I am guessing you want to experience the Quarter... My favorite haunt is the Beach on Bourbon... Its just me but I love the combo indoor/outdoor feeling and they tend to play up the football theme on Sat and Sun...

Remember you got yo shoes on yo feet.... just remember that....

The key is don't take yourself or your team too seriously... We love our Saints as much as you love your Texans.... but as others have said we are not like Bear Fans that want to take you outside to settle who has the best deep snapper.... Laugh at the craziness and have fun....

It is an Adult Disney World.... we REALLY are glad you are coming
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Im BACK!!!!!
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hotels are ridiculous this weekend. I wonder what else is going on? Usually, its only like this for the Bayou Classic.

looks like I'll stay by the Airport.
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