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Good Game Guys

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Texans did look good yesteday. I agree with Houston needing to settle for field goals being a problem. I have to admit, I've got Rackers on my fantasy football team, so I'm benefiting from this problem until it gets solved ...

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Hu Dat!
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Texans did look good yesteday. I agree with Houston needing to settle for field goals being a problem. I have to admit, I've got Rackers on my fantasy football team, so I'm benefiting from this problem until it gets solved .

And I think you guys found a beast yesterday in #86 Casey. I think he was the x-factor that nearly won the game yesterday.
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Damn redzone!!!! Good game guys. I really cant complain about the Texans play to much. If they get in the endzone instead of kicking field goals we win.But your D did great job keeping us out.
At least it wasnt a div game.LOL
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Texans remind me of the Saints in the old NFC West days, with the Colts playing the part of the 49ers.

In those days the 49ers were the top dog, although they weren't nearly as much of a one-pony show as the Colts are.

The Texans will eventually step out of the shadow of the Colts and take over the AFC South.

Just be patient Texans fans, the pieces are in place; just let the stars align and you too will soon be playing for your own Lombardi Trophy!!
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Originally Posted by saintsfan1976 View Post
Houston is well-built, well-coached team.

Andre Johnson. 'Nuff said. Two solid RB's and a nasty zone-blocking scheme.

And watching the D was like a recent history of "how to draft some bad*** players"

Your future is bright.
Agree with all of it except the well coached part... very debateable. If they don't start making the playoffs, I can see Kubiak out of a job. They've had a lot of talent for multiple seasons already... if Kubiak can't get it done, they need to bring someone else in to take them to the next level. Great talent on the team... they need to start getting those W's.
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I feel lucky to have the victory in that one.
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There was a statewide sigh of relief after each Texan field goal. That game could have easily been a blowout. It was a good game Texanmike. I really thought you guys had it. But never ever count drew Brees out of anything. He is a fighter, a scraper. If you leave the smallest window open, he will take advantage of it. And that's what happened with the four field goals. My nerves are still shot from watching that game. I don't drink or smoke, but like I said on the chat board yesterday, I considered it during that game. It was rough. I guess it was rougher for you guys. You have nothing to be ashamed about with the performance of your team yesterday. You guys were tough, and I, like many others that have posted on this thread so far, believe you guys will have a great season. Don't be a stranger Texanmike, you either Tackhammer. Quality fans are always welcome here, no matter who their team is. Good luck the rest of the season.

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I think it will benefit both teams having played each other so early in the season. Both defenses are going to have to improve to do anything special this year though.
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Andre Johnson makes me angry. That dude is a friggin beast. Helluva game and like someone else already said, had it been played in Houston it might have turned out different.
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Based on the game yesterday, I'll say congrats to the Texans for winning the AFC South. I don't see any team in that div coming close. Tennessee is a tease but not caliber enough to see playoffs. Thanks for the props, T-Mike.
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Originally Posted by Texanmike View Post
Well, I asked what we'd learn about our teams. We learned that the Texans need to go for the throat in the red zone. This game should have been over by the end of the first half. The Saints are a dangerous team. We know that if we give you guys an open, you're going to take it. A team with multiple quality receivers will give us problems until we get CB2 solved. You guys abused Jackson this week.

You guys are an elite team. We're on our way but we have to execute better. I have no question about the talent of either team but this young team we have needs to NEVER take their foot off the gas. Not until we have accomplished something. Thanks for the lesson guys.

So Tru and thanks for being the fan your are, the Texans did leave points on the field. 3 FG could have been 21 pts. I always like it when the Saints and the Texans play I call it the I10 bowl lol
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