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Payton and Williams' Friday Pressers

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams Do you think your defense has earned a reputation for its physical play? I would hope so. It was that way when I was in Tennessee, it was that way when I was ...

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New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams

Do you think your defense has earned a reputation for its physical play?

I would hope so. It was that way when I was in Tennessee, it was that way when I was in Buffalo, and it was that way when I was in Washington and Jacksonville. The teams that are the most respected are the ones that are the most physical. Every single week, we go out there wanting to win the physical battle. When you see teams run screens or gadgets or things like draws, those are things that are compliments to the defense because they physically cant just point at you and say were going to run the ball right down your throat or were going to pass protect any way we want to so we have to do some things that are going to slow you down and change your mentality of being so physical. Sometimes it works against you when you play as hard as we do. I learned from some pretty good people that you dont ever slow our guys down and what you do is you actually speed them up, recognize and speed them up.

Have you gotten what youve wanted out of Aubrayo Franklin, Sedrick Ellis, and Shaun Rogers in the middle?

I think what you see us doing is were trying to rotate as many guys as we can in, not just in that position area, but were trying to be very observant in the number of snaps we have at the corner position, taking hits off of those guys. You have a luxury when you have three good corners. Were doing that at the linebacker position with how were rotating those guys through there. I think one of the things we did a good job of in training camp, I probably didnt do a very good job of playing Will Smith too much last year. He played very well, but hes playing lights out now. The fact that he had a couple of games that he wasnt around here, hes real fresh but we still have to monitor all those steps and how we rotate those inside three guys or inside four guys is that we take into a game thats critical on down the road. People dont realize the collisions that those guys take, your mind keeps telling you take those shots but then the body breaks down towards the end of the year. Were very cognizant of the fact that were trying to rotate guys in and theyve played pretty solid. A couple times weve given up a couple runs in there when were actually playing a pass where theyre pass rushing and you just have to get him down. You dont like that gain but you have to get him down.

Can you talk about the growth of Patrick Robinson?

Im so proud of him and I said that during training camp. Im so proud of how far hes come on from last year. I tease him about it, I didnt lose sleep over it but I was pretty hard on him last year as I have been on all rookies that Ive had a chance to draft. If youve taken a look at especially our defensive backfield where Ive gone place to place to place, Ive had a chance to draft a lot of number one draft choices in the defensive backfield and Ive been the same way with all of them. Its my responsibility and its our responsibility to make an impression nd make sure theyre a real pro. Usually a lot of those guys have just been better athletes than every single person theyve had a chance to play against. Its not that way anymore. You come into the National Football League with the best athletes in the world at the receiver position. You better be ready at a corner and as a defensive back. A lot of that goes back to your study, your preparations, your body language, your effort, your intensity, your focus, andyour attention to detail, and he was lacking in some of that last year. I cant tell you how proud not only me, but his teammates. To see to repartee and the camaraderie those guys have this year because he earned it. It wasnt handed to him by me. He earned the respect and Im real pleased with how far hes come. I think he can be even better. There will be another significant jump youll see with him. Things are starting to slow down for him now. I think youll see even another big jump in his play.

Full article below.
Payton and Williams' Friday Pressers

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When they stop trying to be punks and decide to play team inspired defense then I'll get excited and give a crap what he has to say.
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When I see us keep another team under 20 points, i'll be more impressed with the Defense, at the minute....underwelmed by a mile, thought we were going to be a top 5 D to be fair
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When they start tacklig - then I will be impressed
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