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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I got a question for ya\'ll. Couldn\'t it have been both, weak personnel and terrible coaching?...

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Saints report

I got a question for ya\'ll. Couldn\'t it have been both, weak personnel and terrible coaching?
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Saints report

Darrin Smith is 34 years old. His best attribute might be the possibility of coaching after he retires. Derrick Rodgers is 33 years old. He pretty much had his typical type year. He didn\'t have any sacks but his number of tackles improved, which probably has more to do with the fact that he was our best linebacker. Players this old don\'t improve.
Hodge and Allen are disappointing. There\'s no excuse. Hodge was injured most of the season, but he wasn\'t lighting the world on fire when he returned.
Knight did ok for what he is, I\'d like to see more of him to get a better feel of what he is all about. Cie Grant? Who knows, I guess we\'ll see during camps.

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Saints report

I got a question for ya\'ll. Couldn\'t it have been both, weak personnel and terrible coaching?
I can\'t see how that could be Joe.
As a former linebacker, how could Haslett allow that unit to underachieve? If it were bad coaching, I\'m sure that Haslett would have fired the LB\'s coach. :P
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Saints report

ummm...oh nevermind.

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Saints report

You guys who are defending Haslett, go ahead and keep on doing it. I guess it wasn\'t Ditka\'s fault the team sucked under him too. Poor personnel I guess. Haslett & Co. are about two major acquisitions, and five or six total moves away from having the talent needed to get to the Super Bowl. My guess is, they won\'t make the right personnel decisions, and even when they do, you\'ll get average play out of big names (see Tebucky Jones, Ernie Conwell, Wayne Gandy, Jerome Pathon, Ashley Ambrose, and Dale Carter).
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Saints report

WhoDat ,

You forgot my favorite player David Sloan .

Pro Bowl tight end for the lowly Lions , misfit in the Saints system .
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