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Why I'm falling out of love with the NFL (slightly)

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Even the commentators were saying that all the hardest hitting safeties of the past like John lynch etc would struggle in today's NFL, they have ruined the game. Quddus absolutely smacked nicks and it was with the shoulder pad, are ...

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Even the commentators were saying that all the hardest hitting safeties of the past like John lynch etc would struggle in today's NFL, they have ruined the game.
Quddus absolutely smacked nicks and it was with the shoulder pad, are we supposed to let him catch it and gain more yards before we hit him? Come on goodell, man up you pansy!
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the Jacobs non-call and Smith leading with the head were ridiculous

the Porter PF was just stupid. He and Robinson whiffed, and then looked like rodeo clowns 5 yards out of bounds
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Originally Posted by jnormand View Post
Agreed! But IMHO after seeing the hit on Jimmy I really didn't see that it was illegal either. Brutal yes but unless I missed something it looked clean to me. The only reason I wanted a flag was because we got a BS call against us for half the hit that was earlier. Don't get me wrong, the hit was horrible to watch and I was really worried Jimbo wasn't going to get up or was really hurt, but I actually thought the hit was clean. In just getting tired if the rules now. It's getting out of hand.

I agree - To me, it looked like he hit with his shoulder first. IN FACT - I don't thik there were any bad hits in the game. Hard - Brutal - OUCH hits BUT except for Porter out of bounds NONE of those should have been called.
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If you don't lead with you head, launch, or go helmet to helmet, it should not be a flag. The Abdul-Quddus call, which I've seen alot in the NFL this year, was horrible. The Smith and Porter calls were horrible. The Harper call wasn't horrilbe because it was late. But I don't think he even knocked the guy down. The Graham call was correct because it was helmet to helmet. What angered me most was after the Smith call, the next time the Saints had the ball, Brees gets hit helmet to helmet and nothing was called.
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What bothered me was the way that at the very end of the game the Giants players were gang tackling and twisting/body slamming Saint runners to the turf, hard, after progress was stopped and WELL AFTER THE WHISTLE BLEW, and nothing was called, or even said to them by the refs. I mean the game is over, it was garbage time, you lost, that's just kind of uncalled for. You could hear the whistles all over the place and the Giants just ignored it. I dunno. Maybe I'm a wimp, but I didn't like seeing it. It was ugly.

I think the spearing/leading with the helmet thing needs to be re-examined by the league. Because if they are calling it so much, so it happens routinely as a penalty all the time, maybe it should be made into something different -- instead of tacking the 15 yards on, it could just be an extra 5 yards or a new set of downs or something more minor. Make the consequences something more complex, a choice, so that the CHOOSING WHAT TO DO affects the offense, in a coaching sense. Do you take it or do you decline it, type of thing.

I think launching fully, and flying through the air and goring a defenseless guy with the helmet, with malicious intent, that's bad. But just a helmet touching a guy when you make contact, I mean it's a part of the tackle, your head is attached to your body, you can't NOT DO IT.

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If the defender aims low, the penalty won't be called. because defenders "head hunt" hitting above the midsection and head, it is deemed to be unnecessary violence. hitting the hips or legs, not really a problem. the ground will do what a helmet isn't allowed....
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Steve Young said after the game last night that they might as well do away with the safety position because you can't play it in the NFL anymore.

Sad, but true.
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Originally Posted by CharityMike View Post
This entire year of officiating has been total crap period. The option to not be able to overturn a major penalty is stupid. It needs to be implemented.

As much as I can't stand Steve Young, he said it best, "the rules today do not allow teams to play defense"
I agree. Perhaps they need to give coaches a free challenge or two, that don't affect their time outs, specifically for reviewing 15-yard personal fouls that were complete mistakes at high speed by the refs (I'm thinking the Will Smith call in particular).
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