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Did Payton disrespect Falcons?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Who cares what the others think! Drew is phenomenal, the Saints rock and New Orleans is the Best city in the world! We don't need anyone's permission to be Number One! Just Drew It!!...

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Who cares what the others think! Drew is phenomenal, the Saints rock and New Orleans is the Best city in the world! We don't need anyone's permission to be Number One! Just Drew It!!
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Speaking for someone that went through alot of stress, and expense, to be at that game, I have to say, I would have been pretty upset had they pulled Brees out of that game. Not mad, but very dissappointed. That building was on fire all night long, with loyal Saints fans wanting to see it happen, and thank you Sean Payton and company for making it happen.....

As far as the Falcons fans go? WHERE WERE YOU???? I counted Falcon fans on two hands, the entire time I was at the game! You couldn't even show up to support your team, and you wanna whine now? Forget you. I actually felt sorry for the Falcons a little bit.... That was the MOST IMPORTANT GAME OF THE YEAR FOR YOU, and that's the best you could do...... Whatever.... I'm happy, and I don't care how much you complain.... With all of the trash talking I read from Falcons players the week leading up to the game, I don't wanna hear it. You embarassed yourself, and now you are trying to save face, by coming up with this BS.... Not going to forget it? GOOD....

What's popular is not always right, and what's right is not always popular.....
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No Not at all
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This guy sums it up perfectly.(Caution, lots of cussing)
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Originally Posted by SaintsBro View Post
People just need to realize, it doesn't matter what Drew or the Saints do or accomplish, including Super Bowls, records, and wins, people "out there" are always not going to like it. The guy simply cannot catch a break. If they had pulled Drew it would have been articles saying the exact opposite, about "why didn't Payton keep him in to go for the record?" and that the Saints must be weak or are going to slip because they didn't keep Drew in.

People "out there" just like hating on the Saints, and trying to tear them down, because the Saints and New Orleans were not invited to the media's little party of sculpted media stories and pet favorites... Drew was the guy they ALL wrote off, and frankly a lot of people DON'T LIKE THE CITY, either, so there's no room in these guys' imaginary story line for the Saints to be good or be a favorite. Once you recognize that fact, and make your peace with it, that no matter WHAT Drew or the Saints do they will NEVER get acclaim or respect from these people, then you will feel MUCH better as a Saints fan about all the wonderful things this team has accomplished over the last few years.
I remember saying a long time ago that while the Saints were going through a bad spell ('67-2005) people used to like them...They were lovable losers, good ol' triers and plucky underdogs, but they knew their place. You can play Dallas, Pittsburgh etc. but don't get ideas above your station! Now we've climbed out of the pit and are standing shoulder to shoulder with the best there are people that have taken a dislike to us. A little like the stable boy who is well liked then comes into some money, starts living well and is ignored because he is 'not one of us'. Well too bad, NFL. Just deal with it and if you don't want us to win, stop us!
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Originally Posted by iceshack149 View Post
Beating the crap out of a dead horse.

Not a dead horse....a dead dirty bird!!!
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Being a Falcons fan, the record always comes first. It didn't bother me. But other fans it did. I think those that are mad are just upset that the Falcons D never showed up and the O couldn't score 7 in the redzone.
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Absolute not! Why is this even brought up? They are PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES!! Not high school kids. It's their job to stop teams from scoring on them. As well as to score on other teams period!!
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Originally Posted by mikesaintfan View Post
atlanta went for it on 4th down and got stopped....if they had punted the ball, Drew could have thrown for the 30 or so yards and then ran the clock out without scoring...BUT they decided to try to still be competitive in the game so they get what they get...going for it on 4th down means your still trying to win the game so why should SP not continue to call plays designed to win the game
F*** mike smith
Excactly they went for it on 4th down when the game was over because they did not want Drew to break the record against them. Scoring the last TD had nothing to do with them being pissed!
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I hope we did disrespect the hell out of them and i hope they remember it for the rest of their lives.
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