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List the player or players you want gone

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; This is the same thing all over. Draft on the d, dump GW. Then clean house on the d. I don't know let the new dc say who can stay....

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This is the same thing all over. Draft on the d, dump GW. Then clean house on the d. I don't know let the new dc say who can stay.
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Originally Posted by Ashley View Post
This is the same thing all over. Draft on the d, dump GW. Then clean house on the d. I don't know let the new dc say who can stay.
Yep, don't dump anyone until we hire a new DC, or replace some assistants.

I'm surprised some posters I have huge respect for have mentioned Patrick Robinson. I know he's had a few bad games but he's had some outstanding ones as well. He's a young talented CB. We'd be foolish to let him walk, and being the last pick of the 1st round, he's not exactly a high-dollar player.

Shanle would make a great back-up, and will likely be a coach one day.
I think he's a weak link, but until we acquire someone better we should keep him.

Same for Will Smith. He's a good player but he's being paid elite money. Thats a problem.
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Keep Patrick Robinson, he has gotten better. Is Harper big enough to move to OLB?. Love Will Smith but its time to move on. Get rid of Sedrick Ellis. Does he even play? Franklin is gone so is Shanle. Keep Vilma and move him to outside cause i think Dunbar played the middle pretty well. Keep Malcolm Jenkins and stop making him play single high saftey. Hes not made for that. Gw is gone..........gone now..........just gone.........but hey you never know when we bring in a new DC and some of the players we are talking about getting rid of might flourish in his system.
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Greg Williams first. Then Shanle and probably Vilma. Was it Shanle who didn't even get his hands up on the game winning TD? Need to draft D-line upgrade.
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Im 42 yrs old and have been born into a Saints Fan family. Since 06 this team has climbed to become one of the NFLs best. I had always said I wish the Saints could be as good as the Elite NFL teams...and now they are! 14-4 Not bad at all for a season. Look where we have come from and its not over yet. Not by a long shot! I say let the front office do their job and see if a new DC is in the works. If so, let the new coach choose the players he thinks will work in his style of D.
I agree this loss stings and I still wanna cry like a baby because we COULD have won another SB. Truth is we didnt play as well as the 49ers and we lost. So be it. I hope we TWO DAT next year and maybe again after that. I AM A SAINTS FAN!! ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL BE A SAINTS FAN!!


Oh yeah, AND we beat Atlanta...twice!!!
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I'm gone until April. LOL. It hurts, but I've seen alot worse in my 40 years as a fan. The Saints were close this year and they will be back in the hunt next year. WHO DAT!
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I don't mind williams leaving but if he does stay the foucus needs to be on getting better players. We got very little to no pass rush with our front 4 all season long. Gaps were not sealed and every cut back run went for yards. The Secondary took 3 steps backwards. They never tried to locate the ball and seemed to stop trying getting the takaways.

GW is responsible for calling the defense on that last scoring drive from the 49ers but the players need to get better or get going. San Fran got pressure with their front 4 and sometimes 3 against our pro bowl line.

Time to put Money into the Defense. Resign Brees because he can bring the best out of the offense and if he is surrounded by a bunch of no names I can live with that, but our defense has to come first this next season.

It's easier to name the players I would keep:
Vilma- 1 more year age is starting to show
Harper- makes more plays than misses
Greer-best cb
Jenkins-special teams and backup
Robinson- still improving

On offense keep
Front Line

Everyone else either gets paid to win or moves on. I'd hate to see colston go due to money but if that's it then goodbye.

Tired of having a weak defense and record setting offense.
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Everything is going to depend on what direction we're going to go at DC.

-I can see Franklin coming back if we went to a 3-4 scheme.

-I'm skeptical Vilma has much left in the tank. His run defense has him looking like a 3rd down linebacker. And even with that, he doesn't make many plays in coverage anymore either.

-Only problem with Will Smith is his contract. Would love to keep him at a restructured rate. Honestly even if we didn't, I'd have no problems keeping him. I find him more productive than his numbers suggest.

-Move Jenkins back to nickel/safety role.

2009 Jenkins was terrible in coverage. Always a step behind and showed 0 playing making ability.
2010 Jenkins showed us shades of a future ball hawking FS... well on his way of becoming an elite player.
2011 Jenkins hits like a mac truck and covers like a deer in the headlights. There's a big problem if your FS covers worse than your SS.

-I think it's time to part ways with Shanle. He's just too slow. The problem here lies that if he's on the roster, we're just going to continue to find ways to get him on the field. That's not saying he's a terrible player by any means, it's just he's better suited on the bench... which won't happen as long as he's here.

-Can't see any way Rogers comes back.

-For financial reasons, and the fact there should be a good market for him, keeping Greer may be an issue. This will probably be his last big contract and Brees/Nicks/Colston are up for big big pay raises. Vilma/Smith/Greer could all be on their way out.

-Promote Dunbar to starting MLB. He's just not suited for the outside.
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The whole damn defense! We need some CRIMINALS on defense. Not real criminals but criminals on the field. One that will knock the piss out of someone, fast as hell and take the ball away! We dont have that now and GREGG DUMBASS WILLIAMS cant seem to coach it.
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Forgot one more...

Bye bye Roby... you should have been gone last year.
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