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Drew not willing to sign Franchise tender

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by saintfan Yeah, they could. But 'should' they? You know; I'm starting to wonder that, myself. This is sad folks....

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Originally Posted by saintfan View Post
Yeah, they could. But 'should' they?
You know; I'm starting to wonder that, myself.

This is sad folks.
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I would be sad, too.

The thought that my great grandchildren might have to work would be so discouraging, I might not be able to complete a pass.
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1. Trim the fat on defensive and Jahri's contracts. 2. Put aside $14-16 million for Drew (tag) 3. Sign Chase 1 yr in case all hell breaks loose - $1M. 4. Make a "respectable" offer to Nicks, take it or leave it 5. Sign Colston WITHOUT a bidding war! 6. Re-load on defense, LBs, pass rushers, in draft & free agency (coming soon). 7. After that, every dollar that's left in the pot in June/July, goes back into the final Brees deal, which he WILL sign. I'm really not worried about what all these people are speculating about. ESPECIALLY now that Nicks is gone, I think that is part of what Brees was waiting for.
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If it's true that the Saints offered Drew 18 and he wants 23, then you have to decide whether he is worth it. At that price, I would say no too.
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Originally Posted by AsylumGuido View Post
The problem doesn't have anything to do with the overall contract. It deals with the structure. Let's say the biggest deal in the NFL was an average of $25 million per year (five years $125 million) and you personally wanted more than that. Now let's say I offered you $135 million five year deal with $15 million the first year, $20 million the second year, $25 million the third year, $35 million the fourth year and $50 million in year five.

How does that sound to you? Biggest deal in the NFL, right? But, here is the catch ... years four and five are not guaranteed. If you get injured or retire you get nothing.
I understand what you are saying AG.

The thing that I can't wrap my mind around is that 15+20+25= 60 million.

Who can't live off that for the rest of their lives? That includes family members. For lands sake; interest alone will let him never...NEVER worry about money again.

I understand they live in a different world than we do. I understand they are the best in the world at what they do and that it could all be gone in one play. But Delta Force, Special Forces, SEALS, Force Recon, Rangers and TAC -P Soliders are the best of the best of the best in the Armed Forces; and they will never make that kinda money in three years. And they are far more important than a football player is.

I understand it comparing apples and pears; but damn. When is enough, enough?

It makes me glad I am middle class, I guess. At least I know I can live on my 70K a year job.


Oh and when we as Soldiers get hurt; which has been a hell of a lot in the past 11 years.... we get cut loose and sent to the VA for treatement.
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"We are number one. All others are number two, or lower."
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If you aren't willing to sign your tender and continue to negotiate a longer deal, then get your behind along with your crappy agent into Loomis' office and get negotiating. There's zero reason to drag this out and make it a prolonged process. Both sides know all the details to the premiere quarterbacks deals in the league that which gives both sides the foundation to build Drew's deal on.

Save some face and stop vilifying yourself Drew. You want to be here. We want you here... and there's plenty of money on the table for you.

Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

All little common sense goes a long way.
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We will be happy again. Drew will sign a long term deal within the next few weeks. After he explained the franchise tag with the Charges, I now understand why he doesn't want to sign anything but a long term deal. The word is they are waiting to see what Manning gets. However they should keep in mind that Manning has had 9 straight playoff appeances, multiple MVPs & has been to 2 super bowls one 1-1. To date Drew has not been able to win a playoff game on the road. The question they need to ask each other is that should Drew be paid higher than Manning. Drew deserves a great deal. I love him and want him to stay & be happy.

Is it time to play money ball?
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I understand him not wanting to sign the tender. It didn't work out for him last time. However, he could sign one of those contract offers.
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Originally Posted by NOLA54 View Post

Is it time to play money ball?
Yeah, we need to get that fat kid from the movie down here to fix up our defensive roster.
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Yeah, let's re-invent the offense. That was our problem last season, right?


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