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Saints should sit the season out in protest.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by Euphoria You're forgetting the 22-27 players that are going to be suspended as well aren't you. The last I checked we may need a few of them. Isn't this supposed to be postponed??...

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Originally Posted by Euphoria View Post
You're forgetting the 22-27 players that are going to be suspended as well aren't you. The last I checked we may need a few of them.
Isn't this supposed to be postponed??
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Originally Posted by Pete View Post
Isn't this supposed to be postponed??
who knows...

Goodell will probably wait until the night before the first game and then suspend the whole defense forcing us to forfeit...
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Originally Posted by arsaint View Post
The way we need to respond in kind is to win the flaming Superbowl in our own building and kick everyone's ### in the process, running up the score whenever possible.
Yeah, and then the selfrighteous ***** will fine us for that too because we hurt the other teams feelings by intentionally running up the score.
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I wouldn't put it past him the least little bit.In his own rabbit azz mind he is the NFL's savior;Yes we deserved to be penalized but c'mon man taking our coach from us for a year is just utter

And yes I still believe in a Championship this year!I'm posting from the 7th floor as I type might I add.Please don't categorize me as crazy,insane is just fine for "Pete!"

On a serious note I am currently running a bounty system on godelle.Off with his HED!WTF

Believe in only what you've come to know -Repete
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Sitting out the season wouldn't hurt the Saints. It would kill them. There would be 31 teams in 2012 and a new LA franchise in 2013.

Refusing the allow the Superbowl in NO wouldn't stop the Superbowl happening. There are 30 other stadia ready to go. It would just mean it would be a long, long time before the NFL decided to come back.
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You cannot hurt yourself, make your madness like a 2 yr. old.

Saints need to:
Sign Brees to a good two-yr. contract.
Saints coaching staff and players, unit and get out there and win. WIN. Any given Sunday is a game to win for any given team.
No one can say, even though the media and some fans have said, Peyton Manning and Bronocs won SB 2013. Really? Same media and fans said Tebow and the Broncos won SB 2012. Well, somebody tell me what numbers to pick for this week since you can foretell the future.LOL!!!
Saints fans, keep your tickets.
Benson and the Saints need to show better than the they can tell.
I do not agree with a bounty. Trying to cripple players. Nasty plays. Unsportsmanlike conduct.
The Saints heads involved needed to be punished.
This punishment is really severe.

Go Saints GO!!!!
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Asylum Guido you are on some good drugs man. Your logic is flawed. If a HC wasn't important to a team's success, he wouldn't make 7.5 million a year. You can cry for a rally all you want but the bottom line is, the team got screwed today. I don't see how the Saints come back from this with the current characters in place. It will take too long and in the NFL, your time is short. Injuries and old age are supposed to close windows on teams championship chances. Not suspensions.
I think the players should sit out.

The weather is always 72 degrees and perfect, in the Dome
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claus808 - time to change your avatar, bud.

I would just be happy, given what has been dealt, if ALL Saints fans boycotted NFL merchandise for the year. There's plenty of knock-off jerseys available. Knock-off hats, Tee-shirts, etc.

The NFL will not see $1 of my money this year.

THAT is how you hurt the NFL henceforth.

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The Saints will win The Super Bowl or it will be a post Katrina type meltdown. We'll definitely see what the team is made of. I wish Gruden, Cowher, or even Shottenheimer would sign on for a year.
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If we forfeit the year, you hurt so many of us "good" people who simply work every day to make a living and you definitely hurt the economy of New Orleans. I will continue to support my Saints and secretly wish the bounty would have actually hurt someone. Then this BS could be justified. Thank god Benson doesn't allow that clown of a comish to live in his backpocket, unlike Kraft who seems to like him there.... I'm with Jindal on this one #unapologeticSaintsFan #whodat
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