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Bountygate: Intellectual exercise only

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by Choupique "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed." problem with that is, ya don't have a well ...

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Originally Posted by Choupique View Post
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."

problem with that is, ya don't have a well regulated militia.

ya got a buncha dumbass bubbas who have WAY too many guns and tend to be paranoid, racist Tdouchebag palinista domestic terrorists. Most couldn't quote the Constitution if their life depended on it, but they'd pop a cap in your ass in a nanosecond over some misguided dittohead propaganda, is more like it.

my theory is the tdouchebag army is collectively hung like a light switch or a field mouse and all the guns are a compensation thingy for having a tiny dick.

Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.

I'm not religious so you'll have to essssplain it to me.
Would Jesus carry an Uzi?
Really Choupique? You just post something just to start something?

That's OK Choupique, these douchbags with guns are the same people that keep and preserve the freedoms that allow you to be such a dumb****.

I may not be able to quote the constitution, but I guarantee you, I ALWAYS have a copy of it in my pocket...Always. Do you?...I thought not.
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Way to crap all over a good thread, choup.
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Originally Posted by xan View Post
Injure any and everyone. Be open and upfront about it. Nothing personal, just take the flag, the ejection, whatever. If an opposing player, coach, team, owner, NFL exec was afraid of a "secret agenda," make it no secret. One doesn't need a bounty to inflict maximum mayhem. Make it an object lesson for the NFL as the NFL has made the Saints an object lesson for the rest of the league. Every dollar paid to a Saints' player is to inflict damage, of whatever variety, on the opposing team. Just stipulate that for opposition playing the Saints - Better keep your head on a swivel, or you will lose it, or a knee, or a rib.

For at least a third of the Saints' players, their window of opportunity for employment (pay) and success has been greatly diminished by the League actions. These players may only get 2012. If that player wants to continue on to 2013, he cannot take a submissive attitude into games or he risks becoming a victim.
Intellectually speaking? Put your self in Goodell's position. Mr. N.O.Saint announces that he's going to blow out the QB's knee. He then goes and blows out the QB's knee. Does Mr. Goodell say:

(a) What a shame, you've just deliberately ended the career of one of my heroes, that'll be $15k please?

or (b) What a shame, you've just deliberately ended the career of one of my heroes at a time when the league is being sued for not doing enough to stop injury, that'll be a life ban, thank you and goodnight.

I incline towards (b).
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Thing is, the Saints never had any players carted off, injured, etc.

They, the Saints, carted off and injured for life, Saints HC Sean Payton.
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From the intellectual standpoint you speak of, it makes perfect sense. I don't expect the Saints to go out and try to rip anyone's limbs off or anything, nor would I want them to do any such thing. But the message the NFL thinks it has sent about player safety, is really more about an agenda against what they perceive to be an arrogant franchise. Even though we all know it is far more than just the Saints problem.

So I agree, let's just be upfront and hit'em in the mouth the way football is supposed to be played, with no secrets and no regrets. If Goodell still has a problem, then there is no solution.

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