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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; He's a fighter. He will not resign & neither will the team!...

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He's a fighter. He will not resign & neither will the team!
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Uh, I think his personality would be one to sit out and take the entire year plotting his revenge!
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No. He will not and should not resign.
I am starting to believe maybe, being maybe too hopeful here, after owners' meeting, lawyers talk, maybe that absurd and most severe punishment will be reduced to 8 games.
Goodell would then have to back track. He, personally , would not want to do that.
NFL is a company owned by private companies/people. Goodell is who they hired. It is tricky as I see it because he was hired to sort of be CEO/Pres of their compnay. He works for them. Benson is an NFL owner, but still, he is not Kraft or Jerry or Deceased Al Davis who moved his team back and forth so much, or Irsay.
Mara. Bigger names. Older names in the NFL and with way more money , clout.
I really think this was way too severe.
I do not, not support a bounty and crippling opponents.
There needed to be punishment but it is now going to the absurd. Congress wants to investigate? Investigate what?
There is nothing else the NFL should do in terms of punishment.
It is over and done, last week's news.

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Here's a good link on the Congress getting involved ... it's such a stupid move I didn't figure it rated it's own thread ... and it's a NOLA link too, .

New Orleans Saints' bounty situation has U.S. Senate's attention | NOLA.com
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Originally Posted by WhoDat!656 View Post
Is there a chance that Payton is so upset over his suspension that he resigns?
He should look at like this. I have a year long vacation. Go hang out with the wife and kids. Sit back relax watch some football. Then come back and KICK SOME A$$
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He will not resign, but the possibility of him being severed by Benson at some point in the future is still kinda real, but let's not talk or think about it right now -- neither scenario is happening short term in the here and now, so we shouldn't worry too much about it. I mean a piece of space junk might re-enter the atmosphere and fall on Sean Payton during the off season, too, I'm just as worried about that scenario as I am about him quitting the Saints.
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