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Saints Pick Akeim Hicks DT - Regina Canada

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Sorry.... But... The fact that LSU wanted him as badly as he did speaks volumes....

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Threaded by TheOak
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Sorry.... But... The fact that LSU wanted him as badly as he did speaks volumes.
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Originally Posted by canucksaint View Post
True, there are some gems in the CFL, however not that many whom are drafted out of the CIS (Canadian University League). A lot of CFL players (ie. Wake and Johnson) played in a US college (Penn and Michigan), but I can only think of 3 CIS players who are currently are on an NFL team. (Israel Idonije - CHI, Vaughan Martin - SD and Cory Greenwood - KC), with only Vaughan being drafted, the others signed as undrafted FA.
But I wonder how many CIS players were highly recruited US players who were tied up in NCAA eligibility problems and chose the CIS route in lieu of the JUCO route?

I think Hicks is far from your typical CIS player in that regard.
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Akiem Hicks*|*Regina,*DT*:*2012 NFL Draft Scout Player Profile
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On Akeim Hicks.... Let see...

Calculating splines...

Compiling opinionated hydraulics......

taking winter solstice into account......



Hummm Do I go with the opinion of the LSU Tigers, Loomis, and Spagnuolo. or do i go with the much valued opinion of a forum companion.

Sorry... Its the LSU Tigers, Loomis, and Spagnuolo choice that I am going with.
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Originally Posted by pherein View Post
If its nothing why are you arguing about it ? Don't make points that make your point look silly. Not trying to be rude, just pointing out the obvious. I would like to be entertained by this argument at some point.
Because I didn't bash anyone for liking the pick, pherein. I said I didn't like the pick and stated why. I thought there were better players available, and I might be right or I might be wrong. That goes for anyone's opinion of anybody the Saints picked.

But a couple people decided that it was so egregious that I didn't like the pick, to jump all over me about reading scouting reports and watching whatever footage there was to see, and drawing my conclusions from that. Just what exactly is everyone else drawing conclusions from? The guy is a project, who some obviously like, but I am not sold. When someone insults my intelligence just because I happen to doubt a player, I get really annoyed, and that's when I decide to speak my mind. There's nothing silly about what I said.

Why would I change my opinion to suit someone else, when it's not what I believe? I see why people have high hopes for him, but I also see reason to doubt. I don't get where that's such a hard thing to understand.

It's up to Hicks to change minds, one way or another.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, the NFL would fine and suspend me.
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Originally Posted by burningmetal View Post
Why would I change my opinion to suit someone else, when it's not what I believe?
I don't think you should. I understand your point of view and the majorities. Differences of opinion are always a asset. Even if crazy, in my book. Allows me to work things out in my own head to see if I really believe my own way of thinking, and if I can defend it at all.

I am pretty undecided, but more in the pro Hicks masses. I just don't see a reason to doubt loomie and the coaches just yet. If GW was here, I might doubt, because of the drafts and signings for DL he did last year that didn't make a difference.
But, in the end its really up to Hicks, what he wants, and is willing to do. I just like staying positive and reserving the right to an opinion of him until his second training camp.

I really don't know why anyone expects much from a rookie in the first season.
I mean, a rookie DLman, even in a second season, going up against a 4-8 year veteran OLman is not exactly fair,lol.
Same with Ingram. He needs to learn the system and get used to faster, bigger guys trying to kill him before he can showcase his abilities that made him a special running back.
Some adjusts and most don't.

Most of the NFL are not the Faulks, Mannings, Brees, Sapp's , etc. its mostly good to ok players. Can he be a stable good too ok player. We need them also.

So, just based on raw physical ability and motor, do you think he has a shot to make a career in the NFL at all ?

Saints proved that pigs could fly in 2009.
Now its time for another miracle SuperBowl and go where no pig has gone before.

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I kinda like this pick, just because a lot of people don't. I like it when the Saints have guys that no one has ever heard of, when they're signing guys off the streets, who were driving UPS trucks or picked up out of the parking lot of Home Depot, guys from other sports, guys with biiig chips on their shoulder, or even when they call down stadium security guards from the stands to suit them up as running backs. It's kind of a Payton classic "mad genius" thing. I like it.
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akeim hicks

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