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Interview Transcript - Rodney Leisle (5th Round pick)

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Interview Transcript - Rodney Leisle (5th Round pick) TRANSCRIPT: Rodney Leisle (5th Round pick) April 25, 2004 NewOrleansSaints.com Q: What does it feel like going to the Saints? A: "I'm excited, excited to go anywhere and happy to be going ...

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Interview Transcript - Rodney Leisle (5th Round pick)

Interview Transcript - Rodney Leisle (5th Round pick)
TRANSCRIPT: Rodney Leisle (5th Round pick)
April 25, 2004

Q: What does it feel like going to the Saints?

A: "I'm excited, excited to go anywhere and happy to be going there. They have a great coach and I'm happy to be on the team. I don't know that much about them, but I guarantee I will know everything about them by tomorrow."

Q: What happened with your ankle and what is your status right now?

A: "I had a bone spur taken out of there. I had a high ankle sprain last year and it kind of developed into a bone spur. I took it out because it was giving me problems and I couldn't perform like I needed to perform. They went in there and cleaned up some scar tissue and get me ready for the league so I wouldn't have any problems or have to deal with it anymore. It's my left ankle."

Q: How much discomfort did the injury cause you last year?

A: "It happened in the middle of the year, probably around September. I ended up missing three games, and it kind of stayed with me the rest of the games. But I couldn't sit out, I needed game film and I just don't like sitting out, period. So I kept going with it and going with it. It was kind of a hassle, but I needed to play on it so I did."

Q: Was that a concern of other NFL teams?

A: "I think it hurt me a lot. Everybody saw that I broke my foot the year before. It has a screw but that hasn't hurt at all since. That's fine. Then they saw I had a high ankle sprain this year. That's just something that comes with the game. There isn't much you can do about it except deal with it when it comes. I'm just happy the Saints saw through that. I'm a great player and I hope I get a chance there."

Q: Did that add to the anxiety of this weekend?

A: "I've heard things that it wasn't going to hurt me. Maybe it was a blessing. I've heard maybe they don't have a lot of defensive tackles. It's something they need, I'm going to come in and do a good job for them."

Q: The Saints say you probably fit in as a noseguard here. Is that where you think you are suited to play?

A: "Yes. I'm going to put a little more weight on. All you have to do at the nose is stay a little lower than the other person. That's what I do the best. So I'm going to jump in there and take up those double-teams. I'm sure that's what they are looking for to stop that run."

Q: How did you end up with three interceptions last year?

A: "That was part of our scheme, I guess. We had a couple of blitzes where I dropped back into coverage and happened to catch a few. On one of them I was penetrating so much that the quarterback was trying to throw a shovel pass and I got in there and ran it back for a touchdown."

Q: Prior to your junior season, had you dealt with a lot of injuries and pain?

A: "You always deal with pain, but nothing as severe as the last couple of years. I started every game since my freshman year, and I did well. I think that's a tribute to my hard work, and staying away from injuries and playing through them. I just did what I could to get back. You just play through it, be tough. That's something that's part of my demeanor. I hate sitting out, I have to play. I don't like being a quitter. I came from a team that went 0-10 as a senior in high school, and that created something in my head where I can't stop going."

Q: Was there a reason you waited so long for surgery?

A: "Dr. Wall did it from the San Francisco 49ers. He felt like it would take a month to a month and half. I didn't really find out exactly what was bugging me until I got to the NFL Combine. I pretty much played with it through the Senior Bowl, then I felt like I needed to get it out. I only did the bench-press at the Combine. I just waited and did what I could."

Q: What are your strengths as a player?

A: "I just try to penetrate and not get pushed back. That's what I pride myself on. Split the gap and make some tackles. I like pass-rushing, but I think I need to work on that a little more. As far as the other stuff goes, I'm just a run-stopper."

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Interview Transcript - Rodney Leisle (5th Round pick)

Lots of injuries...

Plans on adding weight....

I guess he\'ll be a perfect fit for us.
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Interview Transcript - Rodney Leisle (5th Round pick)

I laughed when I read that he felt he needed to gain weight, we all know that\'s not a problem in New Orleans. As far as lots of injuries, he\'s had two his whole career, and neither of which (a broken foot or an ankle sprain) are really all that serious.
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Interview Transcript - Rodney Leisle (5th Round pick)

I grew up in LA.. This guy is special. 100 percent effort and some talent to back it up.
Injuries don\'t worry me b/c they can happen to everyone. When this guy is on the field, he makes plays.
I know this sounds like b/s, but I am a sports reporter who worked in the area. It\'s was widely agreed in the Pac-10, that this guy was the toughest interior lineman to block in the conference.

I believe if I can find the Washington-UCLA post game story from this year. It will back this up

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