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The nightmare of all nightmares: No Brees

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; No more nightmares. Mr. Sandman send me a dream!...

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Threaded by Rugby Saint II
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No more nightmares. Mr. Sandman send me a dream!
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It will never happen.
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He still be signed before the season. I still believe in what Big Tom, and Loomis say. "it will get done" Who DAT
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I too think it will surely get done. Hypothetically if not, this team is still good enough to be 8-8 with Chase Daniels as QB. More so if he plays beyond expectations.

I will root for whichever Saints suit up and take the field. But I would be sorely disappointed in both he organization and Brees if something does not get done to sort this out.
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What makes it even more interesting, is the lesson that Brees learned from Doug Flutie, that he talks about in his book -- "never let your backup see the field." Brees is totally paranoid about his backup playing after his experience in San Diego. You can visually see he gets pissed off and angry when he comes out during a game, even at the end of a blowout. He's stayed in preseason games longer than he should have, UNTIL HE GOT THAT TOUCHDOWN he wanted. Fierce competitor. In his book he even mentioned being irritated about not playing in the worthless Carolina game. He's that freaked out over it.

Which makes me think that IF it comes down to no deal and Brees sitting out -- which admittedly is a big huge IF -- but IF that happens, I think it unfortunately makes the chances exponentially higher, that IF Brees sits out, that could mean we will have seen the last snap of him in a Saints uniform. Letting his backup see the field just runs totally contrary to every core belief and every fiber and bone and molecule in his body. Much more likely to me, in that extreme case, that he would desire to move on to somewhere else rather than face the ire of the fans after pulling a ridiculous stunt like that. He's already blown a tremendous amount of goodwill around the town, and among the fans.

Of course I will root for the Saints no matter who runs out the tunnel.

I would also NOT rule out the possibility that IF this crazy unlikely scenario were to actually happen, no Drew, that the Saints would look into bringing in some kind of last-minute veteran-on-the-couch option, right before Loomis goes on his suspension. A Jeff Garcia type dude, or somebody like that, with a bit of a proven track record, hanging on for one more shot on another team.... Not necessarily him in particular, but basically someone like that, who could do for the Saints what Kurt Warner did in Arizona or Favre for the Vikings -- just lead the team and get them one last desperate shot to take it as far as it can go. It' s just a matter of finding somebody with just enough gas left in the tank to pull off one more season.

But if you think about it, the current Saints without Drew would be a very comparable situation to the Vikings when Favre came in, with a lot of the pieces in place, a phantom coach, and players just dying to be led by somebody and dying to win something... a veteran could walk into that type of situation and maybe take it even further than Chase could.
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I just dont see that many quarterbacks that are available and certainly noone that comes close to Brees standard or who can come in here communicate with the recievers and know what each recievers tendancies are. That has taken a lot of time and I dont care who it is it would not be the same. So good luck there
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I NEVER wore a bag, and I NEVER will wear a bag. I've been through it all so there's no way I'll stop being a Saints fan now. I'm a Saints fan for LIFE. If Drew sits out, so be it, we'll play it with Daniel, if he stinks it up, we'll get higher draft choices and our scouts and staff along with Loomis will draft and coach up our next HOF QB, and we'll move on.

Do you really think that Drew will put up the numbers he's put up here anywhere else? I don't. Do you think Drew will win another championship any where else? I don't. Do you think Drew will take the lead in games with a TD pass if he's not playing here? I think there's a very good chance he doesn't. Do you think that Drew would stay healthy as he has here due to the priority that we put on keeping him clean? I don't, just look at all those other QBs getting killed on other teams. Fact is, this is Drew's first best option. I believe his career will take a serious nose dive if he left and went to another team. JMO
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Anybody remember Jake Plummer?

S#!t happens ...
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Originally Posted by lumm0x View Post
I will root for whichever Saints suit up and take the field. But I would be sorely disappointed in both he organization and Brees if something does not get done to sort this out.
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