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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Yeah, disagree. He should take it as far as he can possibly take it. Matter of fact I think the players should strike, I really do. Yeah, they negotiated and signed the deal, but in many ways their hands were ...

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Yeah, disagree. He should take it as far as he can possibly take it. Matter of fact I think the players should strike, I really do.

Yeah, they negotiated and signed the deal, but in many ways their hands were tied, and they had to capitulate in areas where they otherwise wouldn't have because the "safety-conscious" NFL wanted 18 games...and for that matter still does.

What's going on right now with Roger Goodell has no precedent in the NFL that I'm aware of. Never has a commissioner been so heavy-handed while at the same time clearly manipulating and spinning and ducking and dodging.

The NFL has an agenda, and Roger Goodell will throw any and everybody under the bus if that's what it takes. He talks honor and integrity out of his ass while his actions are anything but.

No, these are uncharted waters, and the NFL is responsible for the violence it has promoted and for the way it has manipulated players to get them on the field and keep them there, and it is the NFL that should pay the piper, not Jonathan Vilma, Sean Payton, Greg Williams, or anybody else.

Fight on Jon. Take it as far as you can sir, and then take it a step further if you have do. Don't give in. Roger's whole plan is to wear down the public because he believes eventually we'll drop it because, you know, we just want football. SEE THAT. BEAT HIM BACK. FIGHT ON!!!!!
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x626xBlack, do you have a job? What if you got railroaded, and basically fired from your job, not shown any evidence of what you had done wrong to lose your job and income, permanent black mark next to your name, your reputation ruined, and then someone on a message board told you to just "let it the fk go" and "bow out, brother" and sit back and take it? I bet you'd feel pretty angry if somebody told you that!

And, furthermore, what if events that happened to you, affected your ability to earn money after your current career was over? What if you got fired from your job, and your boss went out of his way to say, "and by the way, you'll never work in this town again!" A big part of Vilma trying to clear his name here is to get his reputation back, so he can go into broadcasting or some other life after football -- endorsements, owning companies, partnering in business ventures, etc etc. This bounty thing could affect Vilma off the field, could indirectly affect his family and his children (if he has any) for YEARS to come.

So dude, you are basically saying that in order to make YOU feel better, you don't want Vilma to have that honest opportunity to prove his own integrity (or lack thereof if he's guilty), or to even earn potential money in his personal life after football. I get he frustration that everyone is feeling, but that's kinda weak sauce. Kinda self-centered.

He needs to fight. Then if all is said and done, and some kind of smoking gun proves he's truly guilty, THEN he needs to be thrown under the bus by the fans. Not now, not yet.
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I agree with everyone else. Vilma has gotta do, what he's gotta do. There is right, and there is wrong. Goodell is wrong. That's all we need to remember.
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He needs to call out a couple of players and have them sue Godhell as well.
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