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Fantasy Opinion

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Heya guys, Besides Deuce and Horn, who do you think could be a fantasy pick on the Saints as a "sleeper"? I have heard Boo Williams name tossed around but I think that Henderson will prove to be more productive ...

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Fantasy Opinion

Heya guys,

Besides Deuce and Horn, who do you think could be a fantasy pick on the Saints as a "sleeper"? I have heard Boo Williams name tossed around but I think that Henderson will prove to be more productive than Stallworth due to estimated play time (ie injuries).

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Fantasy Opinion

It depends on
a) what you expect from a player in the upcoming season (obviously)
b) the scoring system

If a kick returner gets points for his returns, Henderson might be an option. I don\'t think he will put up numbers close to that of Stallworth on plays from scrimmage this season.
Boo Williams would be an option if he continues his play from late last season. However I expect him to share playing time and not the pro bowl season some see waiting for him. Hard to find a tight end who scores points on a regular basis. Sharpe won me more than one fantasy matchup last season.
Brooks is an option if your strategy is to pick QBs late or if you play in a league with 2 starting QBs (whacky, but that\'s the way blackandgold.net did it last year).

In leagues with individualized defense our whole secondary is an option, because they\'ll make a lot of tackles this season when opposing QBs throw at them all day long. Or when the SS has to play in the box because our LBs still can\'t tackle. Mitchell or Bellamy are definite fantasy picks at that position.
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Fantasy Opinion

In terms of total points, I\'d guess you\'re probably going to see something like this:

Brooks (those two may be reversed based on scoring system)
--- big drop ----

Boo should be a sleeper. Stallworth could be if he comes around. Gash or Stecker could be worth some points if they are used.

Of course, injuries could play major roles too. If Brooks gets hurt, Bouman could be worth a ton.
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Fantasy Opinion

Certainly depends on scoring system.....Deuce,Brooks,Horn,Carney and it depends on what TE\'s are available on your pick, TE\'s aren\'t generally huge fantasy contributors. Deuce depending on your draft slot could be a solid 1st rounder......Carney could be a primary or a second kicker(usually a good scoring offensive team-at least will get you Xpoint), Horn anywhere from a 2nd to 4th receiver. I generally dont load up with hardly any players from the same team for two reasons. First, how many key performers are there on the same team in any given week? Second, when you have a Bye week you are hurting.

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Fantasy Opinion

Brooks, McAllister, and Horn will all be gone early in most drafts, unless you\'re in the village idiot league.

So your best bet on a late round sleeper is Boo Williams if you have a TE. TE\'s don\'t score as much as WR\'s so if your league combines TE/WR, avoid Boo till really late.

If your league requires a TE, grab Boo. He may put up Gonzales numbers this year.

I\'d also take a late round flier on Stallworth. Everyone\'s down on him, so he should slip, but lets face it, if he gets his hammy probs behind him he\'s near a top 10 fantasy WR(in a scoring league).

Our interior O-line should be much better so I can see Deuces goal line scoring improve.
I\'d move him above Green, but behind Tomlinson, Portis and Holmes.

I have brooks as about the 4th or 5th best fantasy QB. Higher if you aren\'t punished for TO\'s. He should be a TD machine this year. We play a ton of really bad defenses this year (based on last year\'s results) so he should light it up.

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Fantasy Opinion

I agree that Stallworth is a good late round pickup that\'s worth the risk, however I don\'t think he\'ll be near the top 10 in any league. With the explosiveness of Henderson, the stability of Horn, big bodies in the middle (Boo and Conwell), and Deuce, I doubt Stallworth will be as explosive as he was in his rookie season when he was THE big play threat. He\'s still a good pickup though, especially in leagues that allow for four WR.
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