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Keyou dismissed

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Although I hated to hear this as I had big hope for Craver I must admit that I liked the way Haseltt handled the situation. It tells me that he is feeling the heat so he is going to go ...

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Keyou dismissed

Although I hated to hear this as I had big hope for Craver I must admit that I liked the way Haseltt handled the situation. It tells me that he is feeling the heat so he is going to go down fighting. I think he sent a big message to not only Craver but the rest of the team as well. I\'m glad he has this attitude and hope the rest of the team and FANS get behind him. It is alo my hope that Craver make the necessary changes and re-doubles his efforts as he is being well paid to focus on being a SAINT.
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Keyou dismissed

since we\'re talking about overweight in n.o. and i\'m not there right now, maybe someone could refresh my memory on what\'s eaten at the local places or should i say served on a daily basis mon-fri............
red beans, rice, and sausage are burnt in my mind and diet forever on monday or any other day....
tuesday- help with this one........is it chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and a veggie or something else?
wed- again help.........perhaps meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and corn or?
thursday- i remember the local sandwich places had fried pork chops ans white beans.
friday- seafood any kind, any place uuummmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh
and of course po-boys all through the week..........
i\'m guessing spegetti and meatballs take up one of those days and perhaps liver and onions the other, but help me out.........i forget..........
i miss the food and fishing...............sniff,sniff,sniff..................swamee
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Keyou dismissed

I feel for you Swamee. Gotta run, going boil 80 lbs of delicious LA crawfish, oops, sorry.
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Keyou dismissed

Haslett did EXACTLY what he should have done. And that\'s to send a message to Craver that he either needs to get with the program or get out!!

Haslett made his decision and now Keyou has a decision of his own to make. The choice is his. As it should be. A Parcells like move made by Haslett and a good one.

Haslett seems to be taking a no non-sense approach to coaching this year. It seems to me that Haslett has experimented from year to year on what kind of approach he was going to take going into the regular season.

Last year Haslett took it easy on the players in training camp in hopes of keeping the players fresh come December. What happened was the players looked very undisciplined for the first game and never seemed to get on the same page. Of course there were other factors, but I did not like the approach Haslett took.

I think some coaches take longer than others to find what works best for them. Historically, being a head coach for the New Orleans Saints has not been an easy job. Turning around the worst franchise in the history of the NFL is no small job.

New Orleans is not like a Green Bay where they once had a winning history. When folks think about the Saints, they think about LOSING. I think football is a lot about attitude and maybe getting players to believe is the first thing that must happen before you can turn a franchise around.

Maybe we are witnessing the evolution of an NFL coach. I don\'t buy into the logic that head coaches can\'t evlove or improve. It\'s much tougher for that to happen in todays NFL, because fans and owners want instant success, but many coaches that are in the hall of fame didn\'t start out well.

Only time will tell with Haslett. I do feel that this is a very important year for Haz and he needs to prove that he has corrected most of the mistakes from previous year.

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Keyou dismissed

Haz never called Keyou a cancer; he chucked him because he wasn\'t going to be able to be a benefit to the team. Would you rather that Haz kept him? I don\'t understand your point 08. Power trip? When a player isn\'t going to be able to compete, you bench him or cut him - that isn\'t a power trip, that is good coaching.
Hasbeen continually loses his players focus . This time it is June , rather then the habitual december slide . Players usually break into off season with a projection point , \" Craver we would like to see you report in 3 months at 215 pounds \" for instance . Players should be monitored in the off season especially if injured .

Good Coaches make good players , Great by finding ways to utilize their talents . Bad coaches make excuses and do not bring the true talent of a player out .

Zero toleration is a cut point , not a coaching point .....
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Keyou dismissed

agreed on players needing to be monitered. forget about keyou tho he isnt really a big loss except for the fact that we have little depth. we have a #2 corner in fred thomas who is suitable at one. we have three nickel backs in my opinion (ambrose, brown, craft). if we stay healthy we have enough decent corners to be set but lets say ambrose goes down for a couple games due to his age and we have an injury. that could be trouble. i heard we are going to use jones at nickel sometimes to line up against bigger recievers at times, who would play fs then? deveron, gleason, bellamy?

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Keyou dismissed

At the end of the season I remember a discussion about why Haz \"losses\" the team. I said that the reason that he succeeded his first year was that the players didn\'t know what to expect and had to prove to him they could play. Over the next couple years they were messing around and Haz was letting them get away with it. I think that he is just bringing back the \"fear\" and \"uncertainty\" the players had in his first year, Making them prove themselves again. Which is exactly what this team needs. Good step in the right direction I say.

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Keyou dismissed

Billy! You too are alive! Where the heck have you been?

08, what the heck does this mean: \"Zero toleration is a cut point , not a coaching point .....\"? I don\'t think I understand that at all.

Furthermore, \"focus\" belongs to players - they can determine when and where it will go. That has little to do with coaching (I think I agree with Saintfan here). Of course, coaches have something to do with motivating players - but you don\'t have to motivate a player with an internal sense of motivation at all (thus, motivation is at least partly on the player!).

I also don\'t think that this is anything more than rhetoric: \"Good Coaches make good players , Great by finding ways to utilize their talents .\" By this idea, Haz if a freakin\' genius, since he brought out Keyou\'s best ability/talent, the ability/talent to eat too much and be lazy. Fine coaching I\'d say; Haz has found a way to utilize Keyou\'s talent - make him an example for the other wanna-be fatties!

Gator, I\'m concerned about this: \"I only hope Jim\'s got another CB or equal ability to fill his shoes b/c if not this decision could become very important in December.\" I\'m sure Jim has another overweight, over-rated, played a whole 15 downs of NFL football player to add to the roster in December! It shouldn\'t be too hard to find such a guy - if not, I bet anyone of us could suit up and do as well as Keyou would in his present condition.

qball - nice point. I agree.

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Keyou dismissed

PS - Thank GOD that Haz is taking care of the slide now, in June, rather than wait until December. It is just ANOTHER sign that his coaching skills have mystically improved this year! 08 has shown me the light - Haz will be coach of the year!


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Keyou dismissed

Amazingly, I agree completely with Saintfan on this one. I like that Haz stepped up and tossed Craver. Good to hear. It sounds like there is finally a no nonsense policy in camp. Good to hear and I\'m behind Haz on that move.

On the flip side, I am really disappointed to see Craver doing this. What a waste. He played really well when not injured his rookie season and I was one of the people saying that Craver would break the starting lineup in a year or two. Apparently I was way off on that. It\'s a shame, b/c I think the kid has the talent to be very good - it seems the desire is lacking, and to me, that\'s way more important than physical ability. Too bad. Otherwise, as long as I can pay officials not to flag me for grabbing the receivers at the line and hanging on for dear life, I\'m ready to play!

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