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Speaking of the Atlanta Falcons

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; On NFL Total Access tonight Mark Fields said he thought the Panthers/Bucs rivalry was the best in the NFC South. I get that he's a Panther now, so he's going to have a bias for where he is, but how ...

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Speaking of the Atlanta Falcons

On NFL Total Access tonight Mark Fields said he thought the Panthers/Bucs rivalry was the best in the NFC South. I get that he's a Panther now, so he's going to have a bias for where he is, but how can it not be Falcons/Saints? It's quietly become one of the best rivalries in the NFL.

These two teams have been doormats for so long that for years their only compensation was winning this rivalry. While it may not be the longest running rivalry in the league, it's been strong for pretty much the entire life of both teams.

Carolina hasn't been in the league more than ten years and the Bucs are new to our party, they were in the NFC Central making their own enemies. How can that compare?

I'd say it's the best rivalry not just in the NFC South but in all of professional football, but that's my bias. Then again, consider...

It's in the frickin' south. Memo to the rest of the world, we are passionate about our football and rivalries run deep. See: the Iron Bowl, the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail party and quite frankly anyone against LSU because I hate the Tigers.

I'm from Mississippi. They teach us to hate LSU from kindergarten on up. Doesn't matter which school in MS I'm a fan of. I hate LSU. (and Alabama too, actually)

I can only hope that an LSU fan will fire back some form of smack (albeit message board friendly) because that's what it's about.

The point is, a key ingredient of a rivalry is the passion of the fans involved. Nobody gets into football like we get into football.

Mark Fields wore a Fleur de Lis. He knows better. I wish him the best and I hope his recovery sticks, but he's flat out wrong on this topic.

That said, as Saint fans, which NFL rivalries do you rate higher than Saints/Falcons and why?

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Speaking of the Atlanta Falcons


Maybe I\'m biased b/c I\'m a Saints fan, but I\'d put it in this order:
1. Saints / Falcons
Longest, nastiest, most hated. No competition on this one.

2. Saints / Bucs
Only two teams to be in constant contention and we beat the crap out of each other.

3. Falcons / Bucs
Same as above and Vick versus that defense is awesome to watch.

I guess maybe the Panthers / Bucs would come next. Other than this year have the Panthers ever even been close to beating the bucs? I mean, at least their game swith us are ALWAYS close. Usually less than one score and it\'s usually decided late in the game. Plus there are usually a number of ex-Saints playing for them and it\'s a longer-lived rivalry. I don\'t know what Fields is talking about.

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Speaking of the Atlanta Falcons

Dear KenPersons,

You got steel cahones talkin smack about the Tigers. I guess that\'s cool though, since Ole Miss won the SEC championship and National Title.....



(not only that, made Elizabeth Manning look like a b!tch in doing so)

Jab back baby, jab back.
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