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Five things the NFL must do to save face

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; #5 should be #1!! #1 Just Write The Check The number that keeps floating around is $16 million dollars. That is allegedly what the traditional referees want and what the powers-that-be refuse to pay them. In the bigger scale of ...

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Exclamation Five things the NFL must do to save face

#5 should be #1!!

#1 Just Write The Check

The number that keeps floating around is $16 million dollars. That is allegedly what the traditional referees want and what the powers-that-be refuse to pay them.

In the bigger scale of things that is not only a small price to pay it’s not the only issue at hand.

What we need to understand is that this is less about the dollar amount and more about the NFL’s desire to bring this particular union to its knees.

There is another side of this that is playing harder ball as they feel that they gain more and more leverage as time goes on with each blunder made by the scabs.

With war comes defeat and it is time for the men in the suits to pay the zebras and get on with it.

You would be surprised how fast they buckle on the other issues once they get their money up.

#2 Overturn Seattle’s Victory Well…Maybe Not

Technically justice would be served if the league jumped in and overturned the horrible call that sent the Packers to the cellar of the NFC North.

It would be the right thing to do, you could call it the ultimate instant replay.

The reason why you can’t do that is that bad calls have settled games before and those situations were allowed to stand.

You just can’t set that precedent. Even once the traditional referees step back onto the field, there will always be the shadow of the fact that its been done before.

It sucks for the Packers and their fans but as Aaron Rodgers said last night they ‘should not have even been in that position to begin with.’

What the NFL can do however, is apologize and admit that the wrong call was made and get this fixed before the Packers meet the Saints.

#3 Let The Coaches & Players Complain With Retribution

One of the worst flubs in this whole mess is that the league is starting to look a whole lot like the Evil Empire as they push to crush the help’s desire to speak out.

That was a harsh way to put it but it’s true.

This is a jacked-up situation that is only getting worse and by adopting the stance of ‘go ahead and say what you need to say,’ at the very least they are not insulting the public’s intelligence.

With each memo that is made public that threatens fines for those that don’t play nice, the brand as a whole take a shot to the body.

The cracks in the shield are transparent. Don’t make it worse by enforcing a ridiculous attempt to turn these people into puppets.

The fans are engaged with this game because of the various emotions that are involved.

Why would you not want that center stage?

Oh yeah, there is the charade that is being presented that the scab referees are doing a pretty good job.

# 4 Fix It…Period

If nothing is to change in the immediate future, then educate the scabs.

When people make serious mistakes at work they get written up and/or they are forced to attend training classes to fix their errors.

If a similar system is currently in place then there is a need to tighten the belt and revise it.

When the casual fans know more than the officials calling the game that song cannot remain the same.

Depending on which group you get, defensive backs are either getting away with murder or they are getting flagged on every pass attempt for running down field with the receivers.

There is no middle ground. There is no happy medium. It is a case of extremes and it varies from game-to-game.

Understand that those who watch a great deal of every game are getting a certain twitch in our eyes as we bear witness to this craziness.

If it’s going to be a dog-and-pony show then at least get some good p.r. out of it and host a contest for fans to referee each game.

Forget I said that.

#5 Fire Roger Goodell

He has a fat contract that runs through 2018 but he’s proven that he’s not the guy.

Was Goodell the one that stepped up at the final hour and made sure there was a new CBA in place for the 2011-2012 season?

He was just along for the ride and he was happy to insert himself in the picture after the real factors such as Patriots owner Robert Kraft made it happen.

He came into the league on a platform of protecting the shield and cracking down on player misconduct.

Did you see the arrest numbers this off-season?

The Bounty Gate situation speaks for itself and now in the middle of this mess all that his office is getting done is suppressing players and coaches from speaking their truth.

It can be said with fact that the players don’t like him and more importantly respect him or his office and the fans are growing to hate the sight of his face.

Goodell is at this point in over his head and he would make a nice sacrificial lamb for a group of fans/customers that ultimately have the final say by paying the bills.

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Re: Five things the NFL must do to save face

your a little late. where ya been under a rock??
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