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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; This is just an observation that has not much to do with this post, but does everyone remember the hype at the beginning of the season? Haslett was the key guy to hype this team up for us fans, and ...

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This is just an observation that has not much to do with this post, but does everyone remember the hype at the beginning of the season? Haslett was the key guy to hype this team up for us fans, and rightfully so. That\'s what a head coach is supposed to do. BUT, his hype was like every year before. Full of BS. One of the personnel that I saw being hyped on this board was Coach Pease. What on Earth has this guy done to improve the defensive line? The only person I\'ve seen thus far that has played top notch has been Charles Grant, but he always overplays the run. In my honest opinion, Pease was hyped up much more than he should. Is it that he\'s a bad coach? No, absolutely not. He\'s just a secondary defensive coach of one section of the defense that falls behind RICK VENTURI. Now is Rick Venturi a bad coach? Yes, absolutely. Still, Pease hasn\'t done anything different with this years version of the D-line that has been seen in the past few seasons with Venturi at coordinator.

Now as far as the same old Saints, I\'m in total agreement. I don\'t really care how much talent is on the team. If it\'s not being utilized to it\'s full capability and the outcome of a game remains the same, with the same stupid mistakes, then that makes the Saints the SAME OLD TEAM. They come off a big win one week to play down to a bottom-feeding team. In everyone\'s mind and on paper, there is NO WAY the Saints should have lost this game. In the real world though, is anyone really surprised? I know I predicted the Saints to win in a blowout, but that\'s what I felt they SHOULD HAVE DONE. I tried to keep my hopes high and think that maybe this team just needs a little more time to come together and by midseason, they\'d really start their stretch run. Well, after seeing yesterday\'s debacle, I\'m right there with everyone else about making a change at the top RIGHT NOW. This team is pathetic as long as Haslett is the coach. It\'s time to bring in a real coach who knows what the hell he is doing. I just got through witnessing my Cubs fall to pieces the last week of the season after a long season of high hopes. I don\'t think my heart and my stress level can take much more punishment of watching a season of the Saints up-and-down performances. I\'m with Whodat on this. I kind of wish that the Saints would lose out the rest of the season, bring in a new coach with some attitude, a GM that knows more than figuring numbers, and draft someone that will help this team immediately. Bring in some free agents that know how to play the game and aren\'t perrenial back-ups with \"potential\". Clean house on some of the chumps that are taking up space in a jersey that could be worn by someone with some desire. LORD, IF YOU HEAR MY PRAYER, MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!

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Can we change the Who Dat? catch phrase to What the....? Yesterday was a horrible display! There is no excuse for the numerous offsides and false start penalties. They re not rookie mistakes, they are little league crap! Not to mention Aaron throwing into triple and double coverage trying to force a play! I dont know what the fix is and I\'m not gonna pretend i do. But i do know that i\'m about tired of this BS.
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I\'m afraid its only gonna get worse without duece.

I just seen absolutely no fire yesterday in any players.

Where is the discipline. Maybe coaches should start giving out fines to players who keep making these meathead penalties. The whole team gave up in the 4th quarter after that offside call mel mitchell. He had a great game too but that will be what I remember the most about his game.

As far the coaches.. everyone must go. McCarthy does not know how to utilize the talent. we rushed for 11 times.. How predictable is that.

RunDefense?? what the hell... I can wait to see what priest holmes will do to us..

As long as benson\'s sells out the dome there will be no change. We will lose all our players first.. Benson is a greedy businessman.. He\'s not worried about wins/loses.. its all about the money.
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You re right, McCarthy sucks! But I dont know who would be a better (or available for that matter) replacement for Hasslet.
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I have to say that this team has the most talent of any team we have put together in a long time..........leadership and motivation on the field and on the sidelines is lacking.
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