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Your dream path to a championship

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Yes, I know we've got to get in the playoffs and one game at a time and all that stuff, but we're fans, not players. If you could write the script to the end of this season, what would it ...

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Your dream path to a championship

Yes, I know we've got to get in the playoffs and one game at a time and all that stuff, but we're fans, not players. If you could write the script to the end of this season, what would it be?

I have two paths to the Superbowl with the final opponent being the same:

1) Atlanta beats Carolina, we beat Tampa and get #2 seed. Carolina gets #5 seed and beats #4 Green Bay. SF is #6 and beats #3 Philly. We get the Panthers back in the Dome and roll them again. 49ers beat Seahawks in Seattle, setting up another trip to the Superdome. Saints beat 49ers again - Harbaugh punches out Goodell after being overheard saying "I thought you had this taken care of Roger!"

2) After the #6 seed is clinched with a 98 yard off tackle run by Mark Ingram, we beat the #3 Eagles in 9 inches of snow (a warmup for the Superbowl) - shaking off our road woes. Next we travel to the #1 seed Seahawks where we are an 11 pt dog. Saints win on a 47 yard Graham FG, set up by Richard Sherman fumbling a game clinching INT away while flexing for the cameras with 8 seconds to go. From there I'll take a blowout win over San Francisco in their place to send us to the Superbowl.

From either path, I want another shot at the NE Cheatriots. And I want to see them beat on a bad call where the refs miss Armstead putting a choke hold on one of their DEs while Brees hits Kenny Stills in the back corner of the endzone for a game winner on the last play. Karma...
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Re: Your dream path to a championship

I like your thinking and believe me, I hope it manifest itself into reality. At the end of the day though getting 10 W's with a new D is extremely difficult.Getting in the playoffs is even harder. Getting beyond that...well you see where I'm going. I refuse to accept defeatism in the sense that we are who we are but if we are that team, nothing to hang our heads about that's for sure.
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Re: Your dream path to a championship

it sounds like the perfect scenerio to me.
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Re: Your dream path to a championship

Just Win Baby!
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Re: Your dream path to a championship

Don't care who and don't care how. Win.
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Re: Your dream path to a championship

Right this very minute.... Even in the scenario we have placed ourselves in by not finishing what we started, we are playing with house money. We were a 7-9 team. To answer your question though, scenario 1 is our best path to the championship. If atl beat Carolina and we beat the bucs I could easily see us getting to the NFC championship game whether that be in Seattle, San fransisco, or New Orleans... Btw making the NFC championship game after being a 7-9 team a season ago would be a successful season to me.....
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Re: Your dream path to a championship

1. Beat Carolina on a last minute drive.
2. Beat San Fran with 450 yards passing, 5 TD's by Brees
3. Beat Seattle w Brees going over Sherman for two TD's
4. Beat the Patriots on a last minute TD
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Re: Your dream path to a championship

i am leaving miracle victories out this. we go in the sixth seat and no chance of playing in the dome at all

round 1
Saints beat 3rd seed Eagles in Philadelphia
San Fran beat 4th seed Chicago or GB on the road

Round 2
Saints beat 2nd seed Carolina in Carolina
San Fran beats Seattle in Seattle

Round 3
Saints beat San Fran in San Fran

Now I do not want to here any of this can not win on the road crap. This is the only way to shut the media up! We played ourselves into the toughest route possible to the super bowl. So lets stack it as hard as you can for us to get there.

After this week the saints should practice out door on the grass and get geared up for the push.

Saints vs Bengals in NY
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Re: Your dream path to a championship

Just get in. There in no telling which team in the NFC will advance. Just look at the games the this weekend, no idea (except us) who will advance, it could go either way in all the games.
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Re: Your dream path to a championship

So many scenarios
*Easiest is Falcons and Saints win, and we have another week to figure out who we see next

*Booby prize Part one: Panthers win, we get in, and we become Dallas fans because they are the worst of Chi-GB-Phil if you factor in the field. GO ORTON!

*Booby Prize Part two: Panthers win and we go to Green Bay (high of 16 on 1/5), Philly (high of 40) or Chicago (high of 19)

Best CASE:
Falcons win, we win.
Niners & Rams win: SF = 1, Seattle 5.
Eagles win, and a no-one-cares-from-NFC-North wins
Round one: Seattle goes to Philly, Carolina to the north. Results don't matter, bc we will be home
Round two, we beat Seattle. Badly.
NFCC: We host Cammie, who has beaten SF in SF again. We win.

oh yeah, then we beat Peyton to win the SB
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