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Jonathan Vilma Article

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma is afraid a - 02-04-2014...

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Jonathan Vilma Article

Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma is afraid a - 02-04-2014
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Re: Jonathan Vilma Article

When the writer of an article has less class and intelligence than the person they are quoting.

This article and all 100+ recreations on the internet are examples of deplorable journalism. Vilma never said he was afraid of anything, he turned the question on the interviewer and asked, how should he respond.

BTW ... Heterosexual men do not "glance" in the shower. We either face the wall, the ceiling, the floor, or make it a point to keep eye contact. LOL

Any of you ever been in a gym locker room and catch someone staring you down through a mirror? It is unnerving..... Its unnerving to be stared down when you are fully clothed as well.
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Re: Jonathan Vilma Article

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Re: Jonathan Vilma Article

Outsports: The galactic leader in gay sports
Outsports: The galactic leader in gay sports

I wonder if they have some kind of agenda to push?
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Re: Jonathan Vilma Article

What bothered me more than making Jon sound like a flaming homophobe, which he may or may not be, was the leap that all the Bountygate stuff was somehow all believable because Vilma indicated that having a gay teammate could create an uncomfortable atmosphere. What does one have to do with the other?
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Re: Jonathan Vilma Article

Terrible article, from the obvious agenda to poor writing technique. Just bad all the way around.
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Re: Jonathan Vilma Article

"If" he said it, he has the right to. "If "he felt uncomfortable, then he was. Why does this subject get so much attention. I know a lot of people(straight) that feel the need to tap dance when ask a question about a homesexual, last time I checked we still have" freedom of speech". As long as the person in subject is not degraded, hurt, or ridiculed it should not be an issue. Maybe Vilma don't swing that way, I know I don't.
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Re: Jonathan Vilma Article

Stop pressuring me for an answer and just leave me the Hell alone about what I think. If you want to be gay do it.
It's not like Vilma was attacking him. Piss poor article.
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Re: Jonathan Vilma Article

Ugh... This damn topic. I look at it like this: straight people need to realize that gay guys won't be running around the locker room with raging hard-on's looking to assault anyone that they can and gay people need to realize that some people just don't agree with your lifestyle. Everyone get over it. When it comes to football, support your teammate regardless and shut up!
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Re: Jonathan Vilma Article

If Zooey is looking me over I'm down.

The rest of you thugs keep your eyes to yourselves.

I mean it.

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