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The Myth of “Ambush”

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I see his point. According to America, the most memorable play in Saints history is “Ambush,” the onsides kick Sean Payton called to open the second half of Super Bowl XLIV. A February 8, 2010 headline from NJ.com, the New ...

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The Myth of “Ambush”

I see his point.

According to America, the most memorable play in Saints history is “Ambush,” the onsides kick Sean Payton called to open the second half of Super Bowl XLIV. A February 8, 2010 headline from NJ.com, the New Jersey Star-Ledger website, sums up how “Ambush” is popularly viewed: “Saints’ successful onsides kick shocks Colts, changes momentum of Super Bowl.” This popular view explains why America voted the way it did.

It’s also wrong.

It’s wrong because the Saints had taken over whatever we mean when we talk about momentum well before the onsides kick ever happened. In fact, from the start of the Saints’ first scoring drive, which began with 36 seconds left in the first quarter, through the end of the first half, the Saints outgained the Colts 157 yards to 15. They scored a field goal, had a long drive end on downs at the Colts’ one yard line, and then scored another field goal. Meanwhile, the Colts punted.

The Myth of "Ambush" | B&G

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Re: The Myth of “Ambush”

I gotta be honest, I feel like the onside kick got WAYYYY too much credit for the Saints's victory as well. To me it was more of just a "big moment" (not too different from Lance Moore's great catch for the 2 point conversion).
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Re: The Myth of “Ambush”

Yes, the momentum swing started with the drive that ended up short of the end zone. Mike Bell slipped, then we went on 4th down and PT got stuffed (IIRC). Had the Colts pinned back deep in their territory, held them inside there and because of that wound up with good field position when they punted deep in their own territory. Drew and the offense did their typical 2-minute thing and got 3 points before the half.
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Re: The Myth of “Ambush”

Got to say though I just re watched that game last night on dvr, but that AMBUSH just seemed to demoralize that colts team completely plus it kept manning warming the bench for much longer than he anticipated.
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Re: The Myth of “Ambush”

I have always wondered how much differently that game would have played out if Bell had scored.
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Re: The Myth of “Ambush”

Totally wrong call for best play ever. Not even second best. Typical of the general public who know nothing.
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Re: The Myth of “Ambush”

I think if Bell scored we still would have kicked the "Ambush".
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Re: The Myth of “Ambush”

Isn't it about the most memorable play? If it is, then it is for me and I will tell you why; For me, it was the culmination of an amazing year full of great things (I got married on All Saints Day and we jokingly said 'wouldn't it be funny if the Saints got us the Lombardi as a wedding present')and as it was The Superbowl, which we watched in Broussard's on Conti so was the most memorable time, and as it was so unexpected it really sticks out so that's why I view it as such. So, was it the BEST play? Probably not but the most memorable? Hmm...still contentious as all these kinds of polls are but a contender nonetheless. And ChrisXVI, to say the general public know nothing is a little unfair.
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Re: The Myth of “Ambush”

I agree with those saying that the onside kick play has been a tad bit overrated. In fact, I wasn't even aware that anyone voted it the most memorable play in team history, until just now.

How can Tracy Porter's interception return against Manning not be the most memorable play? It was far more dramatic and exciting, and, oh yeah, it clinched the freaking Superbowl for us!

Garret Hartley's kick that put us in the Superbowl in the first place was more memorable than the onside kick. Don't get me wrong, it was a good play and I was pumped just like anyone would be. But after all is said and done, that play doesn't stand out a whole lot for me.
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Re: The Myth of “Ambush”

I don't agree that ambush was overrated at all

The colts offense was moving the ball easily against us in the first half, fair enough they were settling for field goals but we didn't score one TD in the first half

Our offense got in sync late in the first half but settled for two field goals, ambush not only demoralised the colts but kept our offense in sync by putting them straight back out on the field

If the colts recover that they are at our 30 yard line, ballsiest call by a coach and in no way overrated in my opinion

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