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PFW: TWWHI and Whispers (Uh-oh)

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Whew ... so many problems. Here\'s some ideas, debate as you like: - Keep Haslett, fire Venturi and McCarthy. Sign Mike Singletary as DC and Gary Kubiak as OC (if they\'ll come). - Deal Aaron Brooks to the Cards, Dolphins, ...

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PFW: TWWHI and Whispers (Uh-oh)

Whew ... so many problems.

Here\'s some ideas, debate as you like:

- Keep Haslett, fire Venturi and McCarthy. Sign Mike Singletary as DC and Gary Kubiak as OC (if they\'ll come).

- Deal Aaron Brooks to the Cards, Dolphins, Titans, or whoever else is interested for WHATEVER we can get out of him. Solid, veteran O-linemen or LB\'s are preferred, but draft picks are nice, too.

- Use the money saved by not re-signing Darren Howard to pick up a neglected, but talented, QB like Jon Kitna, Trent Dilfer, Kurt Warner, Mike McMahon, David Garrard, or even Jay Fiedler. Will Smith has developed nicely and should be able to start opposite Charles Grant next year.

- Abandon the \"need for speed\" offense and gear down to a more ball-controlled, short passing and running attack (something like what the Steelers do now). This would complement the lesser skills of our new QB and utilize Deuce and Karney. A simpler, less pass-oriented offense would also take some pressure off our O-line and keep our woeful defense off the field. Plus, short passes are about all Stallworth can catch, but he shows some potential for YAC.

- If we got some draft picks for AB, draft some damn defensive studs! Derrick Johnson is probably not gonna make it to us, but there are other good LB\'s in this crop and one of em\' should. Try for a good CB with our next pick, someone to complement McKenzie in the future. We could always move Ambrose to saftey for the short term.

- This ain\'t gonna be popular - Joe Horn has earned a big contract, but don\'t give it to him. We all love Joe, but father time is gonna be nipping at his heels soon. We sorely need to spend the money elsewhere. That said, if he\'ll stick around for a reasonable price (which he has in the past), by all means lock him up! We\'re gonna need some veteran leadership.

I realize there is much more work than this, but maybe it\'s a start. There would be growing pains, but no worse than the pains we\'re suffering right now in what should\'ve been a good season (especially with the NFC as shoddy as it\'s been).
Great Post!!

What also was neglected here is to get rid of Loomis and Baby Mule. Hire a Football minded GM and allow him total control of the Football operation, and tell him to keep Hazlett in Check. Coordinators should be either fired or demoted. I am in favor of demoting Venturi to a position coach with the defense, and bringing in Mike Singletary at any cost. He has fire in his belly and would kick slackers like Sully in the tail and make him earn his keep. I\'d like to see the O-coordinator of Buffalo here. I don\'t think Kubiak would come, unless he\'s fired along with Shanahan. You might also get a bargain on the KC O-coordinator because Vermiel is on the hot seat, and that guy made Holmes a household word.

McCarthy and Sheppard would be on the first bus out of town. Along with Mickey(Cap Room, I don\'t know football) Loomis.
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PFW: TWWHI and Whispers (Uh-oh)

But what about the offense. Can anyone say McCarthy has done a decent enough job to keep his job too? I think the offense is the most underachieving part of the entire team. No heat there????
The offense is playing poorly this year, no question. McCarthy is predictable and is certainly not using the talent he\'s got effectively. Then again, do you think AB is HIS guy or HASLETT\'S guy? Kind of hard to place a car in the top ten when you\'ve got a guy with the mind of a tow truck driver behind the wheel.

McCarthy\'s side of the ball has finished as a top ten or twelve offense 3 of the last 4 years I think. Venturi\'s defenses have finished in the bottom 10 in the league 2 of the last 3 and this year he is redefining the word terrible. Yeah, McCarthy deserves the least heat...

Here\'s a VERY TELLING stat. I just looked it up. No doubt that this is the worst Saints offense since Haslett arrived, right? Well, NFL.com has them ranked 17th in total offense. That\'s one below average. Not bad for the worst year in 5 years. Meanwhile, the BEST a Venturi defense has finished the season ranked is 18th. That tells you something.

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