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Sick of some "fans"

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I'm usually a reader and not a poster but I can't help myself right now. What the Saints team needs right now is a more supportive fan base! I wanted Haslett to get fired until I saw the change in ...

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Sick of some "fans"

I'm usually a reader and not a poster but I can't help myself right now.

What the Saints team needs right now is a more supportive fan base!

I wanted Haslett to get fired until I saw the change in the team the last four weeks of the season. It was obvious there was something different regardless of playing weak teams (WE PLAYED WEAK TEAMS EARLY IN THE SEASON AND LOST REMEMBER??).

Our team will continue to fail at home if we boo them out of the building. How can you be. There is a difference between constructive and DESTRUCTIVE criticism. We don't work for the team so we have no business thinking we are right when it comes to team decisions.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing. If we treat our team and players like s**t, we will run both the players and/or team out of town as well as prevent good free agents from wanting to come to our great team and city. You've got to be a complete not to see that.

Also, if I hear one more person who wants to perform on Jake Delhomme my head will explode!

There's a team in Green Bay that is continuously in the hunt and no matter what their fans are there to support them.

I wish I could see more Saints fans online who fully support their team. There are enough Saints bashers who aren't even Saints fans.

Let it be said that unlike the fake Saints fans, when next season comes I will fully support the players, coaches, owner and entire team! I in the general direction of the who say they will sell their season tickets and boycott the team. Thats a fast and easy way to lose the team....which means lost revenue...which means lots of lost jobs...which means New Orleans depends on the stupid tourists who dirty up the Quarter once a year....and I don't particularly like that idea.

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Sick of some "fans"

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Sick of some "fans"

I\'m with you Tobias. Either this post is deleted or we all get free rain to call those who disagree with us \"idiots\" and \"stupid\" and wanting to \"perform fellatio on Jake Delhomme.\"
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Sick of some "fans"

alsaints113, aThe language that you chose to use in some cases will not be tolerated. You cannot call other members idiots. If you think so, keep it to yourself.

As for saintswhodi and Tobias-reiper, I will not delete the post just because some of use don\'t agree with it. I also will NOT give you the go ahead to rip on him.

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Sick of some "fans"

alsaints113 just

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Sick of some "fans"

[/quote:bb27858844]There\'s a team in Green Bay that is continuously in the hunt and no matter what their fans are there to support them.[/quote:bb27858844]

Would that be the same team that won the first two Superbowls and a third one later...the same team whose coach the Superbowl trophy is named after? Or would that be the team that is about to play in the playoffs today...again? Isn\'t that the team that has a QB from close to the NO area that has himself become a legend...and is not even the first QB from that team to reach legendary status? Isn\'t that the same team that has produced a line of hall-of-famers?

I don\'t know why people are so supportive of that team.

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Sick of some "fans"

I don\'t have a problem with the post at all.
I think the fan base is extremely loyal, but hardly supportive.
Jim Haslet has made comments about the negativity of the fans, so has Joe Horn and Aaron Brooks as well as other players. Sometimes where there\'s smoke...
The vast majority of the fan base here sees the negative in virtually every move/decision this team makes. I can see how that could irritate players and coaches.

If we win, its because the other team screwed up, or had a key player out, or we just got lucky cause we shoulda lost.

If we lose its because the other team is simply better, no excuses.

We had a defense on pace to finish worse than any defense in the history of the NFL and a popular local talk show debated how Brooks must go for a freaking hour.

But on the other hand this franchise has given us very little to be positive about. I\'d say if we had a little playoff and superbowl success splatterd among our team\'s history the negativity wouldn\'t nearly be as bad.

The fans of this team are frustrated and have been frustrated for 30 plus years. Many release that frustration by airing it out publicly on local talk shows, in the papers, on the streets and in the stands. I don\'t like it, but I certainly understand.

If this team had a history similar to the Packers, then fell on hard times I think the last 4 or 5 seasons would not bring as much contempt. But we don\'t. After our 1st playoff victory the only thing this city talked about was Saints football.
If we had just average success (odds calculate to a playoff appearance about every 3 years) the positive support for this team would blow the roof off the dome.

I don\'t agree cmpletely with alsaints post, but I can\'t find a lot wrong with it either.

United We Stand,
Divided We Fall
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Sick of some "fans"

Green Bay????!!???
Did you see the games early when they were getting killed... fans were not there and in complete shock. The poured out of the place in droves.

The key here is you win... fans will support.
You lose -well... they hate ya.

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Sick of some "fans"

:thumbup: alsaints113

I agree with you......
That is why the team play better game away than they do at home. Think bout it they played a game against a team that everyone in the media plus fans on this site thought they would lose to(Carolina). Thnking hard bout it I think they would\'ve lost if they played Carolina at home. No fans support at all.
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Sick of some "fans"

I am not in a position to make a judgement...........

Well I have only seen the Saints 4 times in the Superdome.

The last time - I saw every snap; shouting FOR the Saints; bawling the opposition and stripes for \"bad\" hits / calls against the Saints.

Everyone around just seemed to keep looking at me - wondering what the hell was going on.

My partner thought I was just supporting the Saints.

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