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Blanco's offer....

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I agree Scotty. Good point. Hoenstly, as I said in another thread, I\'m undecided on this, but the State needs to stand up to Benson that\'s for sure. Would you take his word for it? If he said he wouldn\'t ...

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Blanco's offer....

I agree Scotty. Good point. Hoenstly, as I said in another thread, I\'m undecided on this, but the State needs to stand up to Benson that\'s for sure. Would you take his word for it? If he said he wouldn\'t show you his books would you believe he was losing money? I wouldn\'t.

Plus - someone please show me, with numbers, how this team pays more than $15 million to that state in a year.
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Blanco's offer....

What disturbs me most about this latest development is that the proposal should have been made in private to Mr. Benson and his negotiation team.

As a professional negotiator, when my \"partner\" submits his terms to a third party (the press here) before he appraches me with the terms, it sends a signal that there is no room for negotiation. It is actually an insult to my organization. I would have thought that this \"governor\" was smarter and more politically astute than this.

On two fronts, I believe that the Saints being in New Orleans is economically beneficial. #1, The organization creates a multiplier effect on the money washed through the system of approximately 4 times (I could be understating this a bit, but it is less than the gross national multiplier of 5.7 times) the visible value. #2, having NEW ORLEANS associated with the most prestigious sports and marketing organization in the world has unfathomable value in a city that relies so heavily on its image as a first class destination - for 9 months out of the year, the city is mentioned numerous times in every sports page all over the world.

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Blanco's offer....

one good thing is Tom is building a new Mercedes dealership in N.O. , dont think he is going anywhere
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Blanco's offer....

The true questions is: Can we as state taxpayers afford to lose yet another company who provides tax dollars to fund programs throughout the state? Let\'s say we agree to pay more taxes (however) to keep the Saints here and renovate the Dome. OUTCOME: Pay More / Keep Saints. Now let\'s say that Blanco says no deal and the Saints leave. Who do you think is going to supplement the tax burden that the Saints revenue stream used to supply? OUTCOME: Pay More / Lose Saints. Although I think that Blanco should negotiate, the choice is obvious for me. The rest of the state thinks that N.O. is being greedy and this and that, but I would love to ask those small cities a question: Where do you think the money is going to come from to supplement the community programs and state employee salaries / pay raises when we have budget cuts b/c we can\'t figure out how to the millions in tax reveune that the Saints will be dropping in California?

--chew on this

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Blanco's offer....

I myself do not live in Louisiana...however..it is common knowledge that the state is just plain old dirt poor...asking the impoverished citizens to give even more for what , in thier eyes, is a wasted effort..(because the Saints have never had anywhere near the success of any team in any sport)...is just an excersize in futility...

This team , like it or not, is one of...if not the worst team in franchise for any sport...ever...and asking people to give more for a loosing effort is just senseless..

If Benson doesn\'t give in..and show his commitment to the game..and the fans..we will no longer have our most beloved team...

It would be hilarious if San Diego,(or another team), decided to move tommorrow, and Benson had no safety net under his fat A**..we would see a much more generous owner then...and a much more stingy govenor

Until a team is actually moved..and it\'s official..Benson better watch his step...
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Blanco's offer....

I just don\'t understand. How come the state of Louisiana dollars is worth less than most state cuz of .10 up to .14 taxes in other areas and our state look less up to date than other state? I see roads and interstates through out the state with alot of pot holes or badly patch work, more section 8 houses being built than single family homes , telephone lines, I am not going to talk bout schools. Where is the money going?

Before I agree with another raise in taxes, I need to see some improvements, instead of being stuck in the 80\'s
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Blanco's offer....

Well as a taxpayer, I would rather see my money go to keep the Saints in New Orleans rather than see that money spent on welfare, food stamps, housing projects, for someone with no job to send their 6 kids to public school or whatever other program this tax and spend liberal democratic has in her agenda. No question!!
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Blanco's offer....

vulture i think that is a good point. i also wonder why this country is headed more towards communism.
but if the money is to line the pockets of benson well he has enough. if it is being spent on the team then thats ok.
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Blanco's offer....

State is government, nothing they do at that level is \'private\'. Its all public record, if they did file something private then all anyone has to do is file a Freedom of Information act.
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Blanco's offer....

I think that we\'re getting off of the point here. The Saints DO generate tax revenue for the state. The players and staff all have to pay state taxes, and when you consider what the cost of that roster is, that\'s alot of tax dollars. Also, when you consider the taxes that are associated with 8 home games a year, and 60-some thousand people attending the game and they are buying from vendors, apparrel, so on and so forth. The problem is most of us, including myself, don\'t truly understand economics, and even if we do, the books aren\'t open on the Saints and we don\'t have everyday access to the state\'s numbers. The record of the team really isn\'t the issue that needs to be talked about here as much as the effect on the Louisiana economy. And I have to agree with you whodi, folks in Louisiana WILL NOT vote for a tax increase. History says that won\'t happen.

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