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Venturi to stay

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; NOLA.com.. I'm so mad, go find the link yourself. :mad2:...

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Venturi to stay

I'm so mad, go find the link yourself. :mad2:
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Venturi to stay

Yeah, I read that a little while ago. I am kind of surprised they canned the RB coach. Also looks like they will let McCarthy walk. Haz is now giving other teams permission to talk to McCarthy, and also said the Saints will not get into a bidding war for his services. The major shocker is Haz telling Venturi that he gets to keep his job...
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Venturi to stay

..well, if Haslett gets a pass because of the last 4 games of the season, why not Venturi?
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Venturi to stay


Let\'s see - so we may well be entering FA minus a QBs coach, RBs coach, O-line coach, CBs coach, Offensive Quality Control Coach, and Offensive Coordinator? F---ING VENTURI is coming back, as is Haslett and Loomis. We have contract issues with Deuce, Horn, Howard, McKenzie, and Pathon. We will need two tackles, a DT, two LBs, TE, and possibly a few other positions like S, CB, WR. We pick 16th.

Tell me again why winning those last 4 games was so great? 4-12 and I think things are different, don\'t you? Instead, I now predict the 2005 New Orleans Saints (quarter by quarter).

Q1: 2-2
Q2: 1-3
Q3: 2-2
Q4: 3-1

Total: 8 and f---ing 8. Oh yeah - 1 game out of the playoffs.

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Venturi to stay

I won\'t even express my dismay as I told MANY people unless we lose out nothing would change I got the \"No matter what happens, Haslett is gone,\" which turned into \"Well,Haslett may stay but Venturi is definitely gone,\" and now this. Great.
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Venturi to stay

its silly he has done nothing to warrant him being kept. hes had years to do something also. tobias you do have a point though. if has why not venturi. but it really bothers me.
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Venturi to stay

I don\'t understand this decision to keep Venturi.

The reason Haz is still here is beyond me. At this point, I attribute it to Benson\'s irrationality. He didn\'t want to buy out Haz\'s contract or something like that, instead of get a coach who can lead a winning team (as opposed to just an underdog team).

Who knows if losing out would have changed this irrationality of Benson\'s - I don\'t know what evidence could be cited either way.
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Venturi to stay

As I\'ve said before, this is all Benson. Venturi has to be kin or have naked pictures of Benson with a young boy. Name the last coach that didn\'t have Venturi thrust down his throat in New Orleans.

And why does it seem like every coach in the league that gets fired has to play the race card. GD I\'m sick of that $hit. Man the F up and take your walking papers. Not one of them complained when they got the interview/job because of minority hiring. Damn I\'m pissed off.
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Merces Letifer
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Venturi to stay

... what if the reason why the defense played better down the stretch, was because Venturi had time to work with Watson, Colby, McKenzie, Fakhir, and Whitehead as starters (or having some significant playing time), and they are intelligent enough to understand and execute Venturi\'s complex defense schemes? ... That\'s 5 new brains out of 11... then would you want to keep Venturi?

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Venturi to stay

What in his tenure with the saints has he shown you? Why would four good games and 12 bad ones do to prove he can be any better for next year? His teams have proven over and over again that they cant get it done. He should have been the first one to go.
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