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If we have a new OC

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I hope he will get Joe, donte, devery, and michael on the field with Deuce in a 4wr set at the same time! Just like Horn said, when we spread teams out...they cant stop us(he was miked up on NFL ...

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If we have a new OC

I hope he will get Joe, donte, devery, and michael on the field with Deuce in a 4wr set at the same time! Just like Horn said, when we spread teams out...they cant stop us(he was miked up on NFL Network)

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If we have a new OC

I think we\'d run the 1999, 2000 Rams greatest show on turf better than they did, IF Deuce doesn\'t come into camp 20 lbs overweight.

Deuce-4.4 (4.8 right now) with great power and good hands
Horn-4.4, yep he still has that separation speed and he\'s 100%fearless across the middle.
Stallworth-4.2, great YAC ability and improving both hands and concentration.
Pathon-4.4 (although he\'s a gonner)
Henderson-4.2 and deep ball skills
Lewis-4.3, underutilized in the passing game.
Gardner 4.4, big man with across the middle potential.

The only thing Joe left out is our O-line doesn\'t give these boys enough time to run even their intermediate routes.

Add a solid LT and RT and this team has potential to average 30/game, easy.

United We Stand,
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If we have a new OC

I don\'t think Lewis will be here next year. but what do I know, I didn\'t think Horn would have a productive season, lol.
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If we have a new OC

Great point about the line not giving the time, Danno. That\'s one thing I\'d like to addressed this offseason. I don\'t think Orlando Pace would be the way to go, though.
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If we have a new OC

So, if a new OC comes in with new schemes and plays, that means Brooks will have to learn them, right??
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If we have a new OC

Oy vay dberce, you have struck the heart of the matter. Then we can get the, \"well he\'s learning a new offense\" story. Maybe we should stick with McCarthy.
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If we have a new OC

The problem with the four WR set is the same problem with the two TE set (except our WR are better than our TEs): no blocker for Duece.

Duece likes to follow a FB. Any OC worth his salt will listen to Duece when he says this and accomodate him. Karney is a total beast.

I\'d like to see us run some four wide (provided the line improves), but it cannot be our basic set.
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If we have a new OC

4-wide sets would give way to the draw, which can fool defenses, especially if they are manned for the pass.
But if they are foolish enough to continue to rush blitz, despite having four receivers in, then your QB should audible at the line, if he can pick it up. The question is, can he?
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If we have a new OC

4Wr sets also spreads out the Defense so there is less people in the box to stop the run so Deuce shouldn\'t need a fb with this formation plus we can run screens, draws (rb & qb), & swing passes to Deuce out of the backfield ( Deuce would shatter Marshall Faulk\'s records) also Brooks is alot better when we spread the offense cause it spreads the defense and there is not enough db\'s on any one teams roster to cover this much speed.
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If we have a new OC

Time for our 2nd round draft choice Jon Stincomb(however you spell it!) to step up and take the HORRID Victor Riley\'s starting spot. I hope he comes prepared for training camp and Wayne Gandy is not the Wayne Gandy that played for the Steelers. If we can get our two tackles to play up to seven tenths of what Willie Roaf and Turley did for us, our offense will look 110% better than it did last year. Although I\'m not a Brooks fan, the line was also at fault for our horrible season on offense.
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