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Saints Fans Who Plan to Remain ALL SEASON.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Its always the so called prime time games that is a problem for me since they start at 02.30 in the morning. I usually watch them the next day then....

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Re: Saints Fans Who Plan to Remain ALL SEASON.

Its always the so called prime time games that is a problem for me since they start at 02.30 in the morning. I usually watch them the next day then.
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Re: Saints Fans Who Plan to Remain ALL SEASON.

I wouldn't call someone a "fan" if they turn it off for the remainder of the season because this team stinks. I might call them a "follower" of the team. A true fan doesn't bail when the team sucks.

I'm a follower of some baseball, occasionally. I do not follow it regularly nor do I care much about it. I don't think about it or follow much of it during the off season.

Totally different then the Saints. The Saints are my life blood.
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Re: Saints Fans Who Plan to Remain ALL SEASON.

I'm here until this team moves, if they move then I'm done. At this point, if they move I might just be done with the NFL
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Re: Saints Fans Who Plan to Remain ALL SEASON.

I will watch most, not because I don't want to just stuff happens like having to dig up a water main like this past weekend. I still took breaks and watched a lot of it. I pretty much accepted though it will be a rough ride with so many young players.
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Re: Saints Fans Who Plan to Remain ALL SEASON.

Originally Posted by leilung View Post
I always get, "How are you a Saints fan and you're not even from down there? You're from Jersey!"

Long story short, I hate NFL Band Wagon Riders to the core of my being...

In the late 60's, I hated the Eagles and became a Cowboy fan (Before Staubach). They started winning and the Band Wagon Fans were suddenly on, so I got off!

Mid 70's, found a team that dared to start Joe Gilliam for their season opener and had never won anything, the Steelers. Bradshaw took the reins. They started winning and the Band Wagon Fans were suddenly on, so I got off!

Come the 80's, I found another team. A team that NEVER won anything! Always at the bottom of the league! A team with a ferocious fan base! Fans so dedicated that they wore bags over their heads in disgrace but STILL came to the games, loyal to the core!

I said to myself...'Yeah. Now THAT is a FAN!!!!'

So here I am, and here I stay, a WHO DAT, 'til my dying day!

One final note, to those who struggle with this season: When you apply Heat, Pressure, and Time to an ugly lump of coal, and you have to patience to wait out the process, you WILL get a diamond! Get just gotta have faith!

We've been to the mountain top and seen the glory. We will be there again!
I too was a Who Dat living in New Jersey until I moved to DC.
Not many Saints fans in NJ got the same reaction from people.
Lived up in Essex County most folks were Giants & Jets Fans.
Came to be a Who Dat by strangely similar circumstances. I
absolutely don't know what it is with this City and Team. But
I visit quite a bit and feel like I'm home but I've never lived
here. One of my Daughters went to Tulane but that was recent.
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Re: Saints Fans Who Plan to Remain ALL SEASON.

I'm a Saints fan till the day I die or they leave New Orleans. I drive from Texas to The Dome every year for half of the games. Season ticket holder since 1997 (when I first could afford to buy them) Will be there Nov 1st to give Eli a rough homecoming. If you give up, you're not a fan. WhoDat!!!
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Re: Saints Fans Who Plan to Remain ALL SEASON.

I was at the very first Saints game in Tulane Stadium.
My family had season tickets for years.
Followed through out my Military career wherever I was station
Always made 1 or 2 home game every year for 22 years while serving.
Lived in China for 14 years would go to the only Sports Bar in Hong Kong that would show all the NFL games ... At 3:00 AM in the morning.
Would still make 1 or 2 home games minimum a year.
Watching now on Sling Box every game ... Like going to Mass on Sunday.
Same now that I live in California ... to date have not missed a single game in 16 years.
Thursday night might be my last game this year. I have too much invested with this team to watch this train wreck in progress.

I feel more than lack of talent we have been watched a coaching staff that continues to try a catch that magic in a bottle ... Bottle is empty ... That Old Magic can't be recaptured ... adjust and adapt.

The coaching staff has failed to adapt to the changing nature of the NFL not only from an overall assessment of the type of players that make up winning teams but also in the game day adjustments that are need to be made to counter what in particular defense sare doing to stop your offense real time .. today ... right here and now. How many years / games will be continue to throw the same old tired game plan at out opponents and make absolutely no attempt to adjust real time.

No better example the NE and Cowboys this weekend. The Boys were all over Brady on the first 2 series, what did NE do. Quick 2 step drops fast flat patterns and the rest is history. We try to adjust by throwing screens, slow developing screens that most team know are coming. Todays athletes are way to quick to be fooled by this maybe maybe more than once a game, they have it sorted out before the ball is snapped because its what our OC/HC does ... and ... I am not a Smart Man ... But just imagine how easy it is to game plan for the DC of our opponents.

I do believe we are paying a price for how our front office has handled the Cap and talent, but more so we are being out coached and out played by almost everyone we go up against. I see both offense and defense being put into schemes and situations that they cannot matchup and the out come is predictable ... I think this is where our real problem lies ... Coaching, game planning and honest appraisal of what we can do ... not what we wish we were capable of with the players we have.

This Thursday night performance will dictate how I spend my Sundays for the rest of the season, watching my team of 47 years or driving up the PCH with sunglasses on and top down ... Nice lunch up the Ojai Valley ... game time for me is 10:00 to 1:00 0n Sundays. Hope I watching football on Sundays!!!!
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Re: Saints Fans Who Plan to Remain ALL SEASON.

I'm always checked in. Only time I miss games is if my kids have something going on, softball players & cheerleaders, and of course Thursday they have a home football game starting at 6:15ish. So the I will miss some of the 1st half. On a side not I was predicting a 13-3 season, so I am now pulling for a 12-4 season.
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Re: Saints Fans Who Plan to Remain ALL SEASON.

I wear my Jerseys to the local sports pub every Sunday the Saints aren't on TV here, which is a lot.

I don't go to forums nearly as much though. Sometimes this place becomes more like a suicide prevention hotline than a fan site. Reading some posts, after a loss, just brings me down even more.
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Re: Saints Fans Who Plan to Remain ALL SEASON.

Once we lose to ATL I will finally lose all hope for us this year. At that point ill still watch every game but ill be watching for different reasons. Ill be watching games as if they were preseason games, looking for the individual talent that stands out ect...

I still have a 2% chance of hope if we beat ATL; although we know its much more likely that we get blown out.
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